FIRST: President Trump Addresses the 45th Annual March for Life

  President Donald Trump made history Friday when he became the first sitting president to address the annual pro-life event, March for Life. “You come from many backgrounds, many places.  But you all come for one beautiful cause: to build a society where life is celebrated, protected, and cherished,” President…

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Mae Beavers and Diane Black Praise 6th Circuit Court Decision Upholding Right to Life ‘Amendment One’: Abortion is Not a ‘Right’ in Tennessee

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling on Tuesday upholding the choice of Tennessee voters on Amendment 1 in 2014.  Amendment 1, which was placed on the statewide ballot that year by the Tennessee General Assembly as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment, passed with 53 percent of the vote, and amended the…

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Carolina Abortion Fund Says Killing Unborn Babies Is ‘A Social Good’

The Carolina Abortion Fund (CAF) said in a tweet Wednesday that killing unborn babies helps society. “Abortion is a social good,” reads the tweet, with the hashtag “BeBoldEndHyde.” The Hyde Amendment “prohibits the expenditure for any abortion of funds authorized or appropriated by federal law or funds in any…

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Students Sue Professor for Scrubbing out Pro-Life Chalk Messages

Tennessee Star

Students at the University of California, Fresno sued a professor Thursday for wiping away pro-life chalk messages that were approved by the university. The Students for Life group at Fresno and the group Alliance Defending Freedom are suing Dr. Gregory Thatcher, who teaches public health at the university, for scrubbing…

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