Phil Valentine, Raul Lopez Discuss Illegal Immigration at Nashville Republican Women Luncheon

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Conservative radio talk show host Phil Valentine said Wednesday that illegal immigration can easily be stopped if we “demagnetize” the U.S. “The solution is quite simple,” he said at a Nashville Republican Women’s luncheon at the Richland Country Club. In addition to not being able to get…

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Latinos For Tennessee’s Raul Lopez Featured in Republican National Committee Q&A

Raul Lopez, executive director of Latinos For Tennessee, was tapped last month by the Republican National Committee to participate in a Q&A for its website on being Hispanic and Republican. “The RNC recently reached out to outstanding Hispanic leaders and asked them what being a Republican means to them,” the…

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Latinos For Tennessee Praises Trump’s Reversal Of Obama’s Cuba Policy

Latinos For Tennessee is praising President Trump for reinstating travel and trade limitations on Cuba on Friday, overturning significant parts of former President Obama’s policy. Obama had lifted restrictions last year. Trump’s reversal will restrict tourism and ensure that U.S. dollars do not support the military conglomerate that monopolizes many…

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Raul Lopez Commentary: Religious Freedom, Not Gay Marriage, Is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

  By Raul Lopez June 10, 2017 LGBT activists, radical feminists, and others love to claim their cause is “the civil rights issue of today”—invoking historical comparisons between their group and the persecution Black Americans faced during the height of Jim Crow America. In fact, many of these groups have…

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Executive Director Of Latinos For Tennessee Calls Attacks On State Senator Mark Green ‘Character Assassination’

Tennessee Star

The executive director of Latinos For Tennessee is defending state Sen. Mark Green, who has come under attack since being nominated by President Trump to be army secretary. Progressive groups have mercilessly berated Green (R-Clarksville) for his Christian views, especially as they relate to LGBT issues and Islam. In a…

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Latinos For Tennessee A Conservative ‘Voice of Reason’

  Raul Lopez quickly discovered when he began helping Republicans with Hispanic outreach that he wasn’t working on a level playing field. He was far outnumbered and outspent by Democrats trying to reach the same audience. Lopez tried to make inroads in the Hispanic community for former President George W….

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