Report: ‘At Least’ One Middle East/Southeast Asia Refugee Rejected By Australia To Be Resettled in Knoxville

At least one of the 600 Manus Island, New Guinea refugees rejected by Australia is scheduled to arrive in Knoxville for resettlement, the Australian news outlet SBS News reported on Wednesday. “Since 2013, Australia has paid Papua New Guinea, its closest neighbor, to house hundreds of migrants caught at sea while…

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Enhanced Vetting By Trump Administration Brings Sharp Decline in Refugee Admissions

President Donald Trump has radically changed the U.S. refugee program, as a lower admissions cap and tighter vetting procedures have led to a sharp decline in both the number of people admitted and the share of Muslims in the refugee population. The Trump administration restarted refugee admissions in late October…

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Trump Resumes Refugee Admissions into U.S., but with Greater Restrictions

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an executive order resuming the admission of refugees into the country, but imposed tougher scrutiny on nationals from 11 countries identified as posing a high risk to national security. The new order was issued Tuesday as an earlier order that imposed a 120-day ban…

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POLL: Large Majorities of Voters Support Cutting Immigration, Including Refugees, Plus Ending Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery

Tennessee Star

by Roy Beck A new national poll of “likely midterm voters” finds 55% of them favoring a bill that “would allow immigrants to bring in their spouse and minor children but would end migration of extended family.” Only 32% of the voters say they oppose eliminating the Chain Migration categories….

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Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Praises Muslims and Globalism at Saturday Luncheon at Mosque

Mayor Megan Barry praised Nashville’s Muslim community and spoke about the “gift of globalism” in her speech Saturday at the Islamic Center of Tennessee in Antioch. Barry made her comments at a luncheon to celebrate the third annual Standing up for Justice and Muslim Community Day. The event was sponsored…

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In Nashville, Leftist Immigration Activists Oppose Revised Travel Ban While President Trump’s Supporters Back It

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition is condemning President Trump’s executive order issued Monday, which TIRRC is calling “Muslim Ban 2.0.” The revised executive order, which revokes an executive order from January 27,  places a temporary 90-day ban on immigration from residents of six Middle Eastern countries (Syria, Sudan,…

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