Seven Republican State Lawmakers to Represent Tennessee at Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention

  Seven Republican Tennessee state lawmakers will head to Phoenix next week for the Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention. The purpose of convention, which starts Tuesday and is expected to last through Thursday or Friday, is to lay the groundwork for an anticipated convention convened under Article V of the…

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Teacher Bill Of Rights Passed Unanimously By State Legislature

  The Tennessee General Assembly has unanimously passed the Teacher Bill of Rights, which proponents hope is the just the beginning of efforts to give teachers more backing in state law. “We were pleased to help lead the effort in our state on behalf of educators and our members to…

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Rep. Jay Reedy Calls Teacher Bill of Rights a First Step in Giving Teachers More Support

Tennessee Star

  For state Rep. Jay Reedy, the issue of teachers losing respect in today’s culture is one that hits close to home. Reedy’s wife teaches chemistry at Houston County High School on the edge of Middle Tennessee 75 miles west of Nashville. “Today’s school setting hears the complaints from students…

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