GOP Congressman Introduces Resolution Calling Mueller ‘Compromised,’ Demands He Quit

A Republican congressman from Florida introduced a resolution Friday urging Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign from the Russia probe, saying the one-time FBI director has his own conflicts of interest. Rep. Matt Gaetz said Mr. Mueller, who was FBI director in 2010, botched an investigation into Russian attempts to…

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The Full Text of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Indictment of Former Trump Aide Paul Manafort

The suspense is over, and we all now know who the first to be charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller – himself in peril of being sucked into the giant vortex known loosely as the ‘Clinton-Russia Scandal.’ The indictment itself runs thirty-one pages and specifically names Paul Manafort and his…

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Robert Mueller’s Donald Trump Investigation Hints at Russia Financial Crime Accusations

Special counsel Robert Mueller is obsessed with President Trump’s network of business interests for suspected money laundering as a critical focus of his investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election last year, according to sources from the intelligence community close to the former FBI director. One of the sources,…

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Republicans Rising: GOPer Finally Steps In to Halt Mueller Witch-hunt

Republicans led by Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis are mulling an amendment that would dramatically cut funding for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia-President Donald Trump ties. It’s about time someone in the GOP stepped up to the plate and beat back these ridiculous Russia investigations. DeSantis is suggesting that…

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GOP Senator: Mueller’s Hiring Spree ‘Tainted’ Russia Probe

Tennessee Star

Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho) said that special counsel Robert Mueller’s hiring spree that included Democratic donors and an attorney who represented Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is “troubling” and has “tainted” the integrity of the entire probe, during an interview Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” Risch, a former attorney…

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Roger Stone: Trump Should Fire Mueller and Rosenstein Immediately

Political operative Roger Stone said Thursday that the purpose of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is to give Democrats a hook on which to nail President Donald Trump, and that if he were the president, he’d fire Mueller immediately. “This is a set-up,” Stone said on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”…

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