All Talk and No Action: Democrats Dream of Statewide Seats with Nothing to Show For It

Phil Bredesen, Karl Dean

On Thursday’s Gill Report – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 1510 WLAC weekdays at 7:30 am – Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill talked about Florida’s governor’s race and the trending phenomenon of Democrat leaders and the denial of their failing cities.  He was curious as to why voters would…

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Law to Provide More Armed Law Enforcement in Schools Passes the State Senate Judiciary Committee, 9-0

Van Huss and Green

Tennessee’s Senate Judiciary Committee passed The School Safety Act (SB2059) unanimously Tuesday. Designed to be a simple stopgap measure, the measure would create a grant for LEAs to put more school resource officers in school this year. “I’m honored to work with Rep. Van Huss and colleagues on both sides of the aisle…

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Despite Washington Shootings, Republican Leadership Not Requesting Review of Security at Tennessee’s Legislative Facilities

Despite the horrific attack in suburban Washington D.C. on Republican legislators, regular protests at Tennessee’s legislative plaza and death threats made against at least two Tennessee legislators, there have been no requests by legislative leadership for additional review of security procedures, in general, or the Cordell Hull Building, specifically, as…

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