Senators Introduce Bill Regulating Facebook, Google And Other Big Tech Companies That Collect Personal Data

by Eric Lieberman   Two senators from either side of the political aisle introduced legislation Tuesday that would force companies like Google and Facebook to further disclose what they are doing with people’s data. Known as the Social Media Privacy Protection and Consumer Right Act, the bill’s authors are Democratic Sen….

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Diamond and Silk Open Up About their Censure by Facebook: ‘It’s Discrimination’

Facebook may be realizing it made an error in its censorship of two of President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters: Diamond and Silk. Fox News reports that the tech giant is reconsidering its recent classification of videos from Diamond — Lynnette Hardaway (shown above left) and Silk (Rochelle Richardson, above…

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Marsha Blackburn Says Twitter Reconsidered and Will Allow Her Campaign Video

Rep. Marsha Blackburn said Wednesday that Twitter reconsidered its decision to block her campaign announcement video, and it will now be back on that platform. “I have to tell you, the American people have risen up, and I said this is our first Senate conservative victory because we stood firm,…

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