No Screening for Female Genital Mutilation Among Arriving Refugees in Nashville During Initial Medical Exam

Siloam Health, staffed with full-time medical providers, is located in Nashville and operates as a “faith-based, volunteer-supported clinic for people with no health insurance and limited resources.” In 2012, Siloam estimated that eighty-six percent of its patients were foreign born. The health center contracts with Catholic Charities’ TN Office for…

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The Practice of Female Genital Mutilation Continues in the U.S. Though It Has Been Illegal Here Since 1996

As Adama tells me her story, the motivation for her fight, she pounds on her chest proudly. She has an enormous smile and a stylish shock of short hair. Adama is 23, originally from The Gambia. When she was a little kid there, her mother told her: “You’re going to…

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