Sumner County Property Assessor John Isbell Will Run Against County Executive Anthony Holt

John Isbell, the four times elected and internationally recognized Property Assessor of Sumner County, announced Monday that he is running for County Executive against incumbent Anthony Holt in the 2018 election cycle to “bring transparency to the office and stop the crony capitalism that plagues the administration.” First elected as…

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After Three Years of Budget Surpluses Sumner County Commission Keeps Property Tax Rate at $2.50 For 2018

Tennessee Star

  GALLATIN, Tennessee — After three years of county revenues exceeding ever-increasing annual budgets, the Sumner County Board of Commissioners by a vote of 21-3 adopted a property tax rate of $2.50 per $100 of assessed value, unchanged from last year, at their regularly scheduled July meeting. The $2.50 tax…

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Sumner County Executive Anthony Holt Wants Industrial Park to Obtain More Property Tax Revenue

by Chris Butler To hear some people in Sumner County tell it, County Executive Anthony Holt is “hell-bent” on building an industrial park north of Gallatin along Dobbins Pike. The park’s would-be neighbors don’t want it. But Holt, in his third term as county commissioner, says he’s dismissed the idea…

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Sumner County Industrial Park Fight Between Developers and Residents Rages On

  by Chris Butler The scuttlebutt in Sumner County says developers are bucking the will of the people to build a taxpayer-funded industrial park. As reported, County Executive Anthony Holt tried to use taxpayer money to buy land north of Gallatin near Dobbins Pike. Landowners aren’t happy. People who own…

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