Steve Gill Commentary: Are Summer Legislative Study Sessions and Meetings Worth the Cost to Taxpayers?

Steve Gill

Conservatives disagree on many policies among ourselves, but in general we do agree in strengthening the free enterprise system, championing families and pro-moting limited and efficient government. Conservatives detest waste, fraud, and abuse—especially in government. In January Tennessee will have a new Governor, due to Governor Haslam being term-limited, and…

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Nashville Mosque Leader Endorses Sumner County Democrat for State Legislative Seat

Rasheed Fakhruddin and Hana Ali

Rashed Fakhruddin, president of the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) has endorsed Hana Farooq Ali, the Democrat candidate running for a House seat in the Tennessee General Assembly. Ali is the only Democrat running to replace Rep. Courtney Rogers, a conservative Republican who has represented District 45 since being elected…

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NFIB Grades 110th Tennessee General Assembly from the Small Business Perspective

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) rated the 110th Tennessee General Assembly on Wednesday, just  few days after Tennessee’s legislative body adjourned for the year. “The Tennessee Legislature is now adjourned, but NFIB/TN worked hard to protect the state’s small business owners right until the end. In late April,…

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Beautifully Renovated Cordell Hull Building, New Home of The Tennessee General Assembly, Has Design That Potentially Locks Public Out of Committee Hearings

  NASHVILLE, Tennessee – As the historic Cordell Hull Building renovations are nearing completion and legislators and staff are moving their offices from the War Memorial Building/Legislative Plaza, so, too, is the public starting to make their way to visit and tour the new home to the Tennessee General Assembly,…

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JC Bowman Commentary: Mandates Must Include Funding

US Capitol

State mandates must include funding, and if districts use their own resources then they should be free to create their own program, modify the RTI2 program or discontinue it all together. The question legislators must answer: Does the RTI2 program work? If the answer is yes the program is working, then the state should indeed fully fund it. If the answer is no, then that message will also be sent by the Tennessee General Assembly.

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Former Democratic Tennessee State Legislator Sentenced For Leading Ponzi Scheme

A former Democratic Tennessee state lawmaker from Martin was sentenced this week to more than 21 years in federal prison for leading an elaborate Ponzi scheme that defrauded more than 400 people, reports the Associated Press. Larry Bates was sentenced Tuesday in Memphis, where he was also ordered to repay more…

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The ‘Aha Moment’ at the Tennessee General Assembly This Year

The idea of a citizen-legislator has gone by the wayside and been replaced by the career politician. Unless there is more transparency and inclusion, there may well be a demand for change in leadership. For certain in 2019 there will be great change, and quite possibly the “drain the swamp” echo from 2016 will filter down to state politics in 2018. It may be time for the state to consider term limits.

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Commentary: Tennessee Is the Patron State of Fake Fiscal Notes

  by John Harris In the movie Shooter, Mark Wahlberg, who is playing a retired sniper, refers to Tennessee as the “patron state of shootin’ stuff.” Some Tennesseans smiled and said, “Yep”! Our volunteer spirit, patriotism, sacrifices in war, and culture of owning and enjoying firearms is a generational right…

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State Legislators Who Live Near Nashville Want To Get Reimbursed for Overnight Stays Again

House Majority Leader Glen Casada (R-Franklin) tells The Tennessee Star he filed an amendment on Wednesday to SB 1251/HB 1139 that will reimburse state legislators who live less than 50 miles from the State Capitol in Nashville for overnight hotel stays while the Tennessee General Assembly is in session. “I think…

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