Liberal Media Interest in The Tennessee Star Continues . . . And Documents Some of Their Own Journalistic Flaws

Another day, another story expanding upon the Politico story about “Baby Breitbarts” that highlighted The Tennessee Star. Jason Schwartz talked to Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill a few times, got some insights from those familiar with The Tennessee Star — including critics like the Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary…

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New Tennessee Star Poll: President Trump’s Favorability Rating Remains Sky High Among Tennessee Republicans

President Trump rally

President Trump’s favorability rating remains sky high among Tennessee Republicans, according to a new poll released by The Tennessee Star on Wednesday. A stunning 84 percent of Tennessee Republicans who are likely primary voters have a favorable view of President Trump, as opposed to just ten percent who have an…

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Humphrey on the Hill Compares The Tennessee Star Poll With The Vanderbilt Poll

Tom Humphrey, dean of the Tennessee political press corps, wrote an article Thursday at “Humphrey on the Hill” contrasting the results of the recent Tennessee Star Poll with the Vanderbilt Poll, in an article titled, “A clash of polling perspectives on in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants.” We reprint…

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Commentary: Our Constitution Is Essential for Our Identity

Understanding our government and founding documents, such as the Constitution, creates a more reflective, clear-thinking, and invested citizen.

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