Evidence from Many Nations Confirms That Border Walls Stem the Tide of Illegal Immigration

Great Wall of China

by Daniel Marulanda and James D. Agresti   The border between the United States and Mexico stretches for 1,960 miles, parting two major regions of the world with vastly different governments, standards of living, and levels of crime. Consequently, many millions of people have risked their lives to illegally cross the border into the United States. During…

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Mexican President-Elect Lopez Obrador Proposes Border Force To Contain Illegal Immigration Into Mexico

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

by Will Racke   Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is planning to create a specialized border force to combat illegal immigration across Mexico’s borders, according to his hand-picked security chief. The new force is aimed at stanching the flow of illegal immigrants and contraband from Central America and will…

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Rep. Diane Black Introduces Novel Crowdsourcing Bill to Fund ‘The Wall’

Embracing the online ‘crowdsourcing’ trend pioneered by inventors and entrepreneurs to raise vast sums of money, support and sometimes, fame, Representative Diane Black (R-TN-06) introduced a novel bill late last week that would create a trust fund in the U.S. Treasury that could accept money donated by individuals and earmark…

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Mae Beavers Rejects Democrat and Republican Leadership’s ‘Amnesty First’ Demands

In light of Democrats – and some Republicans – push for “amnesty now, reforms later,” gubernatorial hopeful Mae Beavers issued a statement Tuesday reiterating her support of President Trump’s plans to secure the nation’s borders, as well as implement critical reforms to the immigration system including ending the practice of so-called “chain…

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House Lawmakers Move Border Wall Closer to Reality

border wall

The House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday took an important step toward building President Donald Trump’s wall, advancing legislation containing money for the barrier, along with beefed-up border security. The committee, on a party-line 18-12 vote, sent the Border Security for America Act of 2017 to the full House of…

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