Lost Video Rant By State Representative-Elect London Lamar Saying ‘Tennessee Is Racist’ Retrieved

A livestreamed video showing newly-elected State Rep. London Lamar (D-Memphis) complaining Tennessee is full of racists and uneducated white people got removed from Lamar’s Facebook page Friday. But The Tennessee Star has a copy, which readers may find here:   The video was apparently originally published Wednesday morning, and includes…

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Phil Bredesen Supporters Threaten on Twitter to Leave Tennessee

Some of Phil Bredesen’s most ardent supporters are so furious over his election loss Tuesday they’re threatening to pack up and leave Tennessee forever, according to public posts they’ve made on social media. According to those posts, some of them are sounding the alarm to progressive thinkers all around the…

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Phil Bredesen Tweet to Taylor Swift Shows Why 74-Year-Olds Should Not be Allowed on Social Media

Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Phil Bredesen has led to a lot of flaming online – and Bredesen is receiving some of the backblast for attempting to be hip while in turn flaming Marsha Blackburn. Swift endorsed the Democratic Senate candidate on Instagram while also blasting U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07),…

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Steve Cohen ‘Condescending’ and ‘Despicable’ to Conservative Female Columnist

Only days after he scolded Republicans for supposedly mistreating women, U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, insulted a conservative female Boston Herald columnist at a subcommittee hearing in Washington, D.C. That columnist, Adriana Cohen, apparently of no relation to the Tennessee congressman, came to discuss how social media censors conservatives, including…

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Fox News Guest Who Called Out Abortion Advocates For ‘Irresponsible Sex’ Now Faces Death And Rape Threats

DC McAllister

by Grace Carr   Fox News guest and PJ Media contributor Denise McAllister stated that abortion advocates regard the procedure as an easy solution for irresponsible sex and has since been met with death and rape threats, she told The Daily Caller News Foundation. After McAllister sent out a Sept. 6 tweet…

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Politico: House Committee Considers Subpoena For Twitter CEO For Shadow Banning Conservatives

Jack Dorsey

by Kyle Perisic   A House committee is reportedly considering issuing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a subpoena for the social media’s allegations of shadow banning conservatives. An unnamed staffer on the House Energy and Commerce Committee told Politico that it is considering issuing Dorsey a subpoena to testify before the…

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Twitter Suspends Libertarian Commentator Gavin McInnes And His Activist Group, ‘Proud Boys’

Gavin McInnes

by Rob Shimshock   Twitter suspended libertarian commentator Gavin McInnes and his fraternal organization, the Proud Boys, Friday evening. The social media giant claimed that McInnes, who hosts “Get Off My Lawn” and “CRTV Tonight” on CRTV, as well as the activist group he founded, violated its “violent extremist groups” policy, reported…

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Commentary: Exposing Antifa, the Shock Troops of the Democrats’ Civil War

by George Rasley   Police in the Far-Left enclaves of Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon had to deal with riots created by violent Far Left so-called Anti-Fascist (Antifa) thugs over the weekend. Now, according to our friends at chicksonright.com the Berkeley police department posted the arresting information via Twitter, with Department’s tweets…

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