Dr. Mark Green Commentary: It’s Time for NATO to Draw a Line in the Sand in Ukraine

Mark Green

by Dr. Mark Green, Tennessee State Senator and Candidate for Congress   Today starts the annual NATO Summit with President Trump in attendance. Founded in 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been one of the most effective alliances in history, from standing against the Soviet Union to cooperating fully…

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The Arms for Ukraine the Media are Pushing are Really about Trump, not Russia

I have noticed a deluge of planted, coordinated articles in the Obama media, and declarations coming from the GOP Establishment Senate, that demand the United States provide supposedly ‘defensive’ weapons to Ukraine. The details of an alleged “presentation” to Trump have even been leaked to the press, detailing a recommended…

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The Full Text of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Indictment of Former Trump Aide Paul Manafort

The suspense is over, and we all now know who the first to be charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller – himself in peril of being sucked into the giant vortex known loosely as the ‘Clinton-Russia Scandal.’ The indictment itself runs thirty-one pages and specifically names Paul Manafort and his…

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