Vietnam Veteran: ‘Marsha’ Has Always Fought For Our Veterans

Marsha Blackburn

A Chattanooga veteran of the Vietnam War said, “No one has fought harder for our active duty military and our veterans than Marsha Blackburn. We need to elect her to the Senate because the issues with the VA are far from solved.” Terry Thomas wrote a column for the Times…

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Tennessee State Senate Unanimously Passes Bills to Rectify Unjust Taxes Levied on Disabled Veterans

The Tennessee State Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 10 and Senate Bill 1675, both of which were sponsored by State Senator Mark Green (R-Clarksville). “I was honored to sponsor these two bills to help our veterans who have given sacrificially to serve our country. Senate Bill 10 and Senate Bill…

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Donald Trump Signs VA Accountability Act Into Law, Promises Better Care for Veterans

President Trump signed a law Friday that makes it easier for the Department of Veterans Affairs to fire employees for wrongdoing and adds protections for whistleblowers in the VA. Responding to an Obama-era scandal in which veterans died waiting for doctor’s appointments, Mr. Trump said the Department of Veterans Affairs…

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