FAKE NEWS: Washington Post Reporter Paul Kane Blames Tea Party for Attempted Assassination Against Gabby Giffords

by Joe Simonson   A congressional reporter for The Washington Post decided to revive a liberal talking point that places the blame on the nearly-fatal shooting of former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on the Tea Party and heated GOP rhetoric. The reporter, Paul Kane, tweeted his remarks Friday afternoon in response…

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FAKE NEWS? Bob Woodward Has A Trail Of Accuracy Issues That Nobody Is Talking About

by Peter Hasson   Longtime journalist Bob Woodward’s best-selling new book, “Fear,” presents a scathing depiction of President Donald Trump and his ability to perform his duties as commander-in-chief. While senior Trump officials including Secretary of Defense James Mattis have denied quotations attributed to them in the book, media coverage of “Fear” has been…

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FAKE NEWS Fact Check: Trump Administration Challenges Washington Post Hispanic Passport Story

Donald Trump

by Fred Lucas   The Trump administration is pushing back against the accuracy of a Washington Post story that suggests Hispanics applying for passports are facing discrimination from the federal government. Writing that “a growing number of people whose official birth records show they were born in the United States…

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Object of Deception: MSM Forgets the Facts as ICE Arrests Illegal Wanted for Murder in Mexico

Steve Gill

On Monday’s Gill Report – broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville – Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill was repulsed by the MSM’s coverage, or lack thereof, regarding the recent arrest of illegal alien and murder suspect Joel Arrona Laura and his illegal wife by ICE while speeding …

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President Trump Surprised Newspaper Published Favorable Article About His Fundraising Abilities

U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed surprise that The Washington Post — a newspaper Trump repeatedly has accused of writing inaccurate news stories about him — published a favorable news story about his fundraising prowess. The Post reported Friday the Republican Party is on the verge of raising more money…

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Senator Bob Corker Repeats FAKE NEWS Narrative from Democrats and MSM, Calls for White House to ‘Bring Itself Under Control’

Tennessee Star

  Tennessee’s Senator Bob Corker is once again singing from the Democrats’ hymnal. The chorus Corker joined on Monday is delivering the perennial favorite line for 2017, “the White House is in chaos,” with a dash of the debunked FAKE NEWS from the Washington Post, “White House/Russia classified intel disclosure.” “Obviously…

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