Soros Open Borders Progressives Working to Turn ‘Welcoming Nashville’ into Safe Zone for Illegal Aliens

  This week, talking points on BL2017-739  were provided to Metro Nashville Council members so they could explain to constituents why they support an ordinance that would effectively convert Nashville’s “welcoming city” into a legally recognized sanctuary city. The talking points were written by Soros funded organizations that work to shield…

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Nashville To Teach Officials From Germany, Where Female Genital Mutilation Has Increased 40 Percent, How to ‘Welcome’ Immigrants

Twenty-five “integration practitioners” from Germany will visit several U.S. cities in May, including Nashville, as part of the Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange program to learn how immigrants  and refugees are welcomed and integrated (as opposed to assimilated) in these locations. As part of the exchange program, representatives from the U.S….

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