Republicans Fleeing Trump? Not in West Virginia

The shellacking handed to the GOP in Virginia on Tuesday has sent panic-stricken Republicans scrambling to distance themselves from President Donald Trump, whom they blame for the results. Not in West Virginia, though. While Trump’s approval rating has eroded across the country over the past year, he remains popular in…

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Trump Brings Gov. Justice to GOP at Rally in West Virginia

President Donald Trump on Thursday stormed into West Virginia and left with a political coup — a party switch involving one of the country’s dwindling number of Democratic governors. Gov. Jim Justice, who won election as a Democrat last year despite Trump’s landslide win in the presidential race there, drew…

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V.A. Tried to Pay $10 Million for 25 Parking Spaces, 20-Year Official’s Excuse Is ‘He’s New’

Federal officials took six years to plan a new parking lot for a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in West Virginia that would cost $10 million for only 25 parking spaces, as their solution for a 600-spot shortage. Then when outside auditors pulled the plug on the fiasco, the hospital’s…

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