Ralph Bristol on March 4 Pro-Trump Rally: ‘There is No Hate in Our Position. The Media Have Manufactured the Charge of Hate Without Evidence’

Nashville’s Morning News host Ralph Bristol told his listening audience on 99.7 FM WWTN Monday that his speech to the March 4 Spirit of America rally at Nashville’s Legislative Plaza will focus on an honest portrayal of American citizens who support President Donald Trump.

“I’m going to use this occasion to speak to Trump’s detractors, in the media, and on the opposite side of the issues that have people so upset, about the people who are attending the rally,” Bristol said.

“I’m not going to speak to the people at the rally, I’m going to speak about them,” Bristol said.

“I’m going to correct the fabricated record about their hearts,” he added.

Rally organizer Mark Skoda of America First Tennessee praised Bristol and his speech topic.

“Ralph understands the heart of America, the people of Tennessee and the reason for our frustration with the media. He’s been the top Nashville radio talk show host for ten years, and he knows about the people of Tennessee. We are honored to have his perspective shared at our rally,” Skoda told The Tennessee Star.

In his Monday morning on air monologue, Bristol pulled no punches.

“Maybe to some on the Left, respect for our borders and our laws that control them holds no moral value, but to the people who have ancestors who spilled blood on American soil, it does . . . and bled on other countries’ soil protecting America’s independence and sovereignty,” the Air Force veteran noted.

“And it doesn’t take a racist to object to people living in the country illegally taking jobs, including some traditional middle class jobs in construction and manufacturing for low wages creating a labor imbalance that drives down wages and keeps millions of Americans from being able to provide for their families,” Bristol noted.

“That’s not racism. That’s not xenophobia. And it’s wrong for the media and the loyal opposition to paint it as such,” he declared.

“I know the hearts in that crowd that’s going to be on Legislative Plaza on March 4. They’re not filled with hate for their fellow man or woman,” the long time Nashville talk radio heavyweight said.

“I spent the last ten years with the people in that crowd,” he noted.

“We haven’t manufactured security related excuses to ‘hide our hate.’ There is no hate in our position. You [the media] have manufactured the charge of hate without evidence, just as some trial lawyers attack the reputation of the victim to make up for the lack of evidence to support his case,” Bristol counter-charged.


“When Trump’s detractors in the media and on the other side of issues like immigration, refugees, crime question Trump’s heart, and say that his rhetoric appeals to the most deplorable among us, they’re questioning the hearts that will be beating inside that crowd gathered on March 4,” Bristol continued, adding:

So I want to speak directly to any media that might happen to show up there, and to other Trump detractors in the media and on the other side of the issues who accuse Trump of being a bigot, a xenophobe, and say his rhetoric is like a dog whistle to deplorables.

I don’t doubt that some of the things that Trump has said, compared to the standard politically correct political rhetoric probably does appeal to some of the worst among us. I don’t doubt that. All public figures have fans we’ld rather not claim. And Trump has more fans than most of the rest of us put together.

You can’t judge a crowd by the rogue few that hide among them.

I don’t judge all Muslims by the Islamic jihadists who hide among them.

But I recognize the unique security problem posed by a mass immigration of tens of thousands of migrants every year, including refugees from Muslim countries that have been declared — by the previous administration — as hot beds for terror and terror planning activity.

We don’t have to guess whether our screening procedures are adequate to keep Islamic jihadists from using that migration as a herd of Trojan horses.

A few such immigrants and refugees have committed terrorist acts in the past, and the FBI’s closely monitoring hundreds of others suspected of supporting ISIS and other terror organizations within the United States, and possibly planning more attacks within the United States.

“It is rational fear, supported by the facts, and by the declaration of the past president and Congress,” Bristol stated.

“Why would any honest critical eye mistake the support for Trump on this issue to be a case of religious bigotry or xenophobia?” he asked:

We also don’t judge immigrants by the standards of illegal immigrants, and it’s dishonest to protect illegal immigrants by granting them the moral equivalency of those who migrated legally to the United States.

“I don’t believe illegal immigrants from Mexico or any other country occupy the same moral ground as legal immigrants, from Mexico or any other country,” he added.

You can listen to the full Ralph Bristol monologue here.


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