Commentary: Alinsky is Dead, But I Feel Pretty Good

I have often believed there is too much politics in public education, and that has hurt public education. Honestly I would resent having to support a political candidate because of a political label or designation, or an endorsement by an organization in which I was a member.

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Obama Intervenes in Other Nations’ Business, Again

Tennessee Star

Former President Barack Obama is once again back in the public eye and once again interfering with other nation’s sovereign, democratic decisions. On Thursday, Obama released a video endorsing Emmanuel Macron, the center-left candidate in the French election supported by establishment globalist and corporate interests. “Because of how important this…

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Franklin Graham: ‘We Need to Protect Christians’ Here and Abroad

Christians who do not support the LGBT agenda in this country face persecution, evangelical leader Franklin Graham said this week. The head of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and the humanitarian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse, Graham spoke on the radio program “Washington Watch” hosted by Family Research Council President Tony…

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