Judson Phillips Commentary: The Immoral Minority Strikes Again

Tennessee Star


A couple of weeks ago, there was a protest in front of Senator Lamar Alexander’s Nashville home.  The group that protested is called, “Moral Movement Tennessee.”

A number of years ago, the left decided they could make mileage by calling themselves, “moral.”  Conservatives have not seriously challenged the left on this.  And with the help of the enemy media, the left has wrapped themselves in this cloak of, “morality.”

As with all liberals, they have morality in name only.

“Moral Movement Tennessee” has an agenda that reads just like the various bat guano crazy Democrat groups.  They want single payer healthcare, they want massive tax increases, increase voter fraud and pretty much destroy Tennessee as a favorable business environment.

Every Western morality teaches that theft is wrong, yet this is exactly these liberals want to do. Liberals are notoriously cheap.  They want everything for free and hate to give to charity.  These same liberals who would lecture real Americans about “morality” want to take from others by force.

This is called taxation and the Libertarians are on to something when they tell us taxation is theft.

Charity is a part of morality. But forced charity is not moral. It is theft and that is exactly what the left wants.

One of the tenants of the immoral minority is single payer healthcare.  If there was ever an immoral system, it is centrally planned healthcare.  No one has ever accused liberals of being bright people. After all, how do you explain people who keep supporting something that has failed time after time.

While it may be cruel to confuse liberals with facts, America already has a single payer healthcare system. It is called the Veterans Administration.  Even among the stories of truly horrible government run healthcare, the VA is in a league by itself.  The agency botches care, kills patients and wastes money.  And yet the left wants everyone to have that truly horrible healthcare.

The problem with the kind of healthcare system the immoral minority wants is that it is inefficient and that kills people.  The beauty of the free market is that it allows efficiencies.  If there is increased demand, the free market’s profit incentive means that entrepreneurs  will meet the demand.

Government healthcare can only handle changes in demand by rationing.  England has the National Health Service.  The NHS is infamous for rationing care and poor care for patients. In 2011, Margret Hutchison, a retired non-executive member of the local NHS board, died after a life saving operation she needed was cancelled four times.  That is what socialist healthcare does.

It kills people.

The end results of socialism are always poverty, tyranny and occasionally mass murder.  The byproducts of socialist healthcare, the kind the immoral minority wants, is pain, suffering and avoidable deaths.

No one with three functioning brain cells would want a government run healthcare program.  Government healthcare has never worked and it never will.  Americans deserve better than a government run healthcare system.

There is nothing moral about it and it is well past time that conservatives start telling people that forced government healthcare isn’t charitable or even a good idea.

In fact, it is totally immoral.

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