‘Veritas Populi’ Brings Conservative Perspective To Community Access TV In Middle Tennessee


Dan Meredith is doing his part to counter the steady stream of news from a liberal perspective.

Meredith produces a TV show in Nashville on community access television that covers topics from a conservative angle. The show is called Veritas Populi, a Latin phrase meaning “Truth for the People.”

“It’s getting more popular and I hope it’s doing some good,” said Meredith, a registered nurse and former minister.

Meredith and his four-member volunteer crew began producing the show late last year and so far have made 16 episodes. This past Saturday, they taped three episodes featuring Richard Archie talking about the Tennessee Constitution. Archie is a board member and the West Tennessee director of the Tennessee Firearms Association.

Tennessee Star - Constitution Series
Dan Meredith and the ‘Veritas Populi’ crew with guest Richard Archie in studio. (click to enlarge)

Veritas Populi tackles a wide range of political, cultural, social and spiritual topics. Past shows have featured discussions on the American family in crisis and children with Down syndrome. Past guests have included state Sen. Mark Green (R-Clarksville) and Joni Bryan, executive director of the 917 Society, a Nashville area group that educates young people about the U.S. Constitution.

The show is produced at a studio at Nashville State Community College used by Nashville Education, Community and Arts Television (NECAT). Meredith and his crew had limited experience with producing a TV show and went through a training to learn how to use the equipment and technology.

Meredith’s crew members, who come to the studio wearing t-shirts with the Veritas Populi logo, range in age from 19 to 71.

Clay Pinkston, the 19-year-old, is a factory worker who considers himself a libertarian. He says he likes working on the show because it keeps him on his toes and is something that has a positive impact. Gene Andrews, 71, a retired medical truck driver for sports car races, says he likes hearing what the guests have to say on different issues. “You’re never too old to learn,” he said.

Tennessee Star - Constitution Series
Dan Meredith chats with  Chris Walker, communications director for GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee, at the Rutherford County GOP Reagan Day Dinner. (click to enlarge)

Veritas Populi airs in Middle Tennessee on Comcast Channel 19 and AT&T Uverse Channel 99. Episodes can also be viewed on the Veritas Populi website at http://www.necatnetwork.org/access-nashville/veritas-populi.

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