Mayor Megan Barry Says The Constitution Does Not Apply Here in Nashville: ‘I Am Committed to Meeting the Goals of the Paris Agreement . . . Even if the President Is Not’

Tennessee Star


On Thursday, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry issued a statement criticizing President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, which, in effect, declared that as mayor she will not be bound by Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution, which prohibits state governments specifically, and metropolitan governments within states by extension, from entering “into any treaty, alliance, or confederation.”

“The United States of America should be a global leader in addressing the dire impact of climate change on our civilization, and it is very disappointing that President Trump does not see that. As a member of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, I am committed to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and working with corporations and citizens to do the same, even if the President is not. There’s too much at stake for cities not to lead on this issue, and Nashville will,” Barry said in the statement.

“In 2016, Mayor Barry formed the Livable Nashville Committee, comprised of leaders from Nashville’s public, private, environmental, academic, and philanthropic sectors, and charged its members with developing a shared vision for protecting and enhancing Nashville’s livability and environmental quality. Draft recommendations, which include reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, are available to review,” the statement added.

Barry emphasized her statement with this tweet:

The Global Covenant of Mayors, to which Mayor Barry has pledged her allegiance, “is an international alliance of cities and local governments with a shared long-term vision of promoting and supporting voluntary action to combat climate change and move to a low emission, resilient society,” according to its website.

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy formally brings together the Compact of Mayors and the European Union’s Covenant of Mayors, the world’s two primary initiatives of cities and local governments to advance their transition to a low emission and climate resilient economy, and to demonstrate their global impact.

The Compact of Mayors was a global coalition of mayors and city officials pledging to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resilience to climate change, and to track their progress transparently. The Compact was launched in September of 2014 by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, Michael R. Bloomberg. The Compact was activated under the leadership of the global city networks — C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40), ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) and the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) — and with support from UN-Habitat, the UN’s lead agency on urban issues.

Created in 2008 to implement the EU’s 2020 climate and energy targets, the Covenant of Mayors has firm commitments of over 6800 cities in 58 countries resulting in Action Plans with an investment of over €110 billion.

Like a number of liberal mayors of cities around the United States, mostly Democrats, Barry also signed the “Statement from The Climate Mayors in Response to President Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement,” released on the same day.

The President’s denial of global warming is getting a cold reception from America’s cities.
As 187 US Mayors representing 52 million Americans, we will adopt, honor, and uphold the commitments to the goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement. We will intensify efforts to meet each of our cities’ current climate goals, push for new action to meet the 1.5 degrees Celsius target, and work together to create a 21st century clean energy economy.
We will continue to lead. We are increasing investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We will buy and create more demand for electric cars and trucks. We will increase our efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, create a clean energy economy, and stand for environmental justice. And if the President wants to break the promises made to our allies enshrined in the historic Paris Agreement, we’ll build and strengthen relationships around the world to protect the planet from devastating climate risks.
The world cannot wait — and neither will we.

Two other mayors of Tennessee cities, Madeline Rogero of Knoxville and Andy Berke of Chattanooga, have joined Barry as signators on the “Climate Mayors” statement.

In effect, these “Climate Mayors” declared their own foreign policy, in direct opposition to the duly elected President of the United States, who, unlike them, has the constitutional authority to determine the country’s foreign policy.

Constitutional law experts around the country have stated that such declarations are in direct violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution of the United States.

“The fact that the sun rose again this morning was less predictable than the media-Democrat hysteria over President Trump’s entirely reasonable decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Convention on climate change. The decision was clearly right on the merits: The pact, which would do nothing meaningful to address global temperatures, is an exercise in progressive preening, touted by hypocrites who zip to and from climate confabs in their private jets — the kind of “Do as I say, not as I do” lovers of humanity (but loathers of people) who never take one plane when two are available,” former assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy wrote at National Review on Friday.

President Trump’s decision should have been obvious and indisputable, not momentous. That it was not is a measure of detachment from our constitutional moorings.

The Paris Convention is a treaty. Under the Constitution, a treaty does not become law binding on the United States unless the president submits it to the Senate, obtains two-thirds approval there, and then ratifies the treaty. (Contrary to popular belief, the Senate does not ratify treaties; the president does the ratifying, but only if the Senate has consented.) That never happened to the climate agreement. It never had a chance of happening. . .

The Left’s objective was to impose the Paris agreement without making Democratic office-seekers accountable for it. That is exactly what the Constitution is designed to prevent.

Several Democratic governors also decided to oppose the President’s foreign policy, by forming “The United States Climate Alliance.”

“In response to President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., and Washington State Governor Jay R. Inslee today announced the formation of the United States Climate Alliance, a coalition that will convene U.S. states committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement and taking aggressive action on climate change,” they said in a statement released on Thursday:

“The White House’s reckless decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement has devastating repercussions not only for the United States, but for our planet. This administration is abdicating its leadership and taking a backseat to other countries in the global fight against climate change,” said Governor Cuomo. “New York State is committed to meeting the standards set forth in the Paris Accord regardless of Washington’s irresponsible actions. We will not ignore the science and reality of climate change which is why I am also signing an Executive Order confirming New York’s leadership role in protecting our citizens, our environment, and our planet.”

New York, California, and Washington, representing over one-fifth of U.S. Gross Domestic Product, are committed to achieving the U.S. goal of reducing emissions 26-28 percent from 2005 levels and meeting or exceeding the targets of the federal Clean Power Plan.

“The President has already said climate change is a hoax, which is the exact opposite of virtually all scientific and worldwide opinion,” said Governor Brown. “I don’t believe fighting reality is a good strategy – not for America, not for anybody. If the President is going to be AWOL in this profoundly important human endeavor, then California and other states will step up.”

“I am proud to stand with other governors as we make sure that the inaction in D.C. is met by an equal force of action from the states,” said Governor Inslee. “Today’s announcement by the president leaves the full responsibility of climate action on states and cities throughout our nation. While the president’s actions are a shameful rebuke to the work needed to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren, states have been and will continue to step up.”

“With input from all participants, the U.S. Climate Alliance will also act as a forum to sustain and strengthen existing climate programs, promote the sharing of information and best practices, and implement new programs to reduce carbon emissions from all sectors of the economy,” the statement concluded.


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164 Thoughts to “Mayor Megan Barry Says The Constitution Does Not Apply Here in Nashville: ‘I Am Committed to Meeting the Goals of the Paris Agreement . . . Even if the President Is Not’”

  1. […] The Tennessee Star reported in 2017, former Nashville mayor Megan Barry criticized U.S. Republican President Donald Trump’s […]

  2. David patton

    To me the issue is do you set an example of deciding what laws or what part of the constitution you will obey in sight of all the peoples and then expect those same people to follow the laws and obey the constitution. There is a man elected as president, when we start to oppose him by interpreting the laws as we see them as individuals we will eventually see anarchy .

  3. Brian Cucksee

    So: The Millenial Nashville mayor won’t abide by the U.S. Constitution.. I guess she is ready to lead the secession of Nashville from the Union.

  4. Dick Anter

    If she would spend a minute to know what the accord states, she will see that India and China, two of the worlds greatest polluters, more than the USA, need do nothing to improve their severe pollution problems. She will also see that America has to pay millions for no reason….it is time to negotiate a just and equitable climate agreement with requirements upon China and India ….. then let’s talk USA. Right now no nation in the world has the quality controls upon it as severe as the USA!

  5. Kenneth Freed

    Hell my mayor from Chattanooga, Andy Berke, also wants to stay in the globalist un-American Paris Climate Accord!

    1. Karen

      The entire basis for the Climate Accord was based on Agenda 21 and Chattanooga was one of the first cities in the country to implement Agenda 21. It is astonishing that the citizens of Chattanooga are not aware of this little fact. It is the basis for bike trails (to get us out of our cars) stack and pack housing (to drive people into the city) Sustainable development, rigid building codes, street calming. Chattanooga led the way in this Communist assault on freedom. So I am not a bit surprised that Chattanooga has joined the rest of the Communist elected to support the Paris Accord that will accomplish nothing more than to redistribute US wealth, eliminate property rights and control every human activity. People like Gore, Pelosi, Kerry and Obama are making millions off this scheme.

    2. Jesse Laseter

      Kenneth. Chattanooga has the most liberal pencil pusher in Country by the name of Clay Bennett who writes editorials for Chattanooga newspaper.

      They appear 3 or 4 times a week in the Rome News Tribune in Rome, Georgia! He is obsessed with tearing down our President!

      Let’s try to get him shipped out to theNew York Timeswhere he would fit in nicely!

  6. Jim Forsythe

    Impeach the fruitcake! Anybody who believes in the global warming/global cooling and catch-all, climate change, scams is too stupid to govern a dog house. The climate has been changing since the Garden of Eden, and we are still here.

  7. Martha

    The Paris Agreement should have been put before Congress and it wasn’t, therefore it isn’t binding to America. All it did was cost America 3 billion dollars, and we already exede the standards. China doesn’t have to comply for several years and India doesn’t have to comply until they get trillions of dollars. So, absolutely it was the right decision by President Trump. Now as to Meagan Barry, she seems to think she is more important than President Trump by signing and agreement that is in violation of the Constitution and also by her desire to make Nashville a sanctuary city. On these 2 issues, she should be removed from office.

  8. Charles Sudholt

    Anyone conversant with psychometry can easily calculate that water vapor, THE most prevalent greenhouse gas, is anywhere from 50 to 80 times more prevalent in the atmosphere than CO2. Liberal climate “scuentists” will never mention it, though.

  9. RB

    Mayor Barry campaigned on solving Nashville’s traffic problems. She must think she can do that and save the environment at the same time. Ironically, the HOV lanes are the most ignored traffic law in the city. On a morning commute, it is easier to count the number of vehicles in the HOV lanes with two or more occupants than to count those with one. In fact, you might only need one hand to count those with more than one. So, if the mayor cannot enforce simple laws created to protect the environment, exactly what does she think she can do on a grander scale?
    Oh, and don’t get me started on how bad trash and recycle pickup has become over the last two years. That is another story.

  10. KI

    Your Mayor needs to go, I thought TN was a RED State, guess we will take our tourist money elsewhere…

  11. Dan Lndsey

    Constitution, Article 6 – Debts, Supremacy, Oaths

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. The Constitution applies to Nashville, Tennessee, the USA and to Mayor Barry. Her pledge of allegence to a Golbal Group of Mayors disqualifies her for her office and demands immediate removal.

  12. Dan Lindsey

    Barry should be summarly removed from office for violating the US and the Tennessee Constitutions on swearing allegence to a Global Organization while holding an office that requires Allegence to the Constitution. “The Global Covenant of Mayors, to which Mayor Barry has pledged her allegiance, “is an international alliance of cities and local governments with a shared long-term vision of promoting and supporting voluntary action to combat climate change and move to a low emission, resilient society,” according to its website.”

  13. […] Mayor Barry, who is joined by the mayors of Knoxville, Madeline Rogero, the mayor of Chattanooga, Andy Berke, and “187 U.S. mayors, mostly Democrats, representing 52 million Americans,” have decided to ignore Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution which prohibits states governments, including towns in those states, from “entering into any treaty, alliance, and confederation.”…  […]

  14. […] Andy Berke, and “187 U.S. mayors, mostly Democrats, representing 52 million Americans,” have decided to ignore Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution which prohibits states governments, including towns in those states, from “entering into any […]

  15. […] Andy Berke, and “187 U.S. mayors, mostly Democrats, representing 52 million Americans,” have decided to ignore Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution which prohibits states governments, including towns in those states, from “entering into any […]

  16. […] ‘I Am Committed to Meeting the Goals of the Paris Agreement . . . Even if the President Is Not’ Tennessee Star Staff 6/5/2017 […]

  17. Albion

    Barry’s husband is ACLU, per his own web site

    He is on the national board of directors of the American Civil Liberties Union, and is a past president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee. On the side he’s a long-time contributing writer on political, economic, and social issues for the Nashville Scene. He is married to Megan Barry, who is currently the mayor of Nashville, Tennessee;

  18. Scott

    Nashville needs to recall this idiot.

  19. Frank S

    Davidson country is becoming a cesspool of crime and minorities , you know what that spells ? ….Dems in office ..

  20. […] Mayor Megan Barry Says The Constitution Does Not Apply Here in Nashville: ‘I Am Committed to M… […]

  21. […] Mayor Barry, who is joined by the mayors of Knoxville, Madeline Rogero, the mayor of Chattanooga, An…, and “187 U.S. mayors, mostly Democrats, representing 52 million Americans,” have decided to ignore Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution which prohibits states governments, including towns in those states, from “entering into any treaty, alliance, and confederation.” […]

  22. Roy

    These judges swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. She is violating that oath and must be removed from the bench, tried, and incarcerated.

  23. JB

    When will people wake up and realize what a hoax is being played out on the American people. This whole climate change fantasy is just a wealth redistribution shell game…the “theory” behind this lunacy falls completely apart when looking at actual real data. WAKE UP AMERICA, before it’s too late.

  24. Me

    “I don’t believe fighting reality is a good strategy – not for America, not for anybody.

    Says the guy who believes that there are more than two genders.

  25. Karen Bracken

    She can and should be recalled immediately. She is enforcing the tenets of Agenda 21 which was started many years ago in Chattanooga. The Paris Accord was a TREATY and President Obama has no authority to join the US in a treaty without a vote from the US Senate. The Paris Accord has NOTHING to do with climate or the environment. These are two boogey men created in order to instill fear into people to the point they would gladly hand over all their money, rights and property. This is a scheme to redistribute US wealth. If I am wrong why aren’t the largest polluters in the world made to pay up? China, India nothing out of their pockets but our money will go to them. Of course all these countries want the US in the Paris Accord. We are the funding mechanism for this hoax. At the end of the day after 450 Trillion dollars are spent there will next to absolutely no affect on the environment or the climate except what our government causes to fraudulently support their lies.

  26. Lightweight

    Please read Article 6, especially the 2nd paragraph of the US Constitution ?

  27. Clay

    Under the 10th Amendment, it seems to me she does have the power to follow the basics of the agreement if she really knows what those are.

  28. Mark Stevens

    If you hate this country and you hate middle-class people having jobs, then you should support the Paris agreement.

  29. Ed of CT

    Those who do this senators,Hr Congress or gov. Or mayor’s should be Arrested and removed from office by Fed. Marshalls​ etc.

  30. Deb

    You can’t disrespect a man who disrespects himself..I voted but I’m not a part of a political “party”.Your very first president said that “parties” were a joke and not to do it.

  31. […] The Tennessee Star reports, on Thursday, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry issued a statement criticizing President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, which, in effect, declared that as mayor she will not be bound byArticle 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution, which prohibits state governments specifically, and metropolitan governments within states by extension, from entering “into any treaty, alliance, or confederation.” […]

  32. […] Am Committed to Meeting the Goals of the Paris Agreement . . . Even if the President Is Not’ (read more) […]

  33. Deb

    More trees and green roofs..When you get off of the highway the temp drops 10-15 degrees in the woods..

    1. Tucker

      You do understand that when one is “in the woods”, one is in the shade, and out of the sun? And the sun is what generates heat?

  34. […] to a story featuring Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s vow to ignore the U.S. Constitution and uphold the Paris Climate Agreement – “even if President Trump […]

  35. Tony Elliott

    I’m afraid the US Constitution does apply in all local jurisdictions, like it or not.
    We will see just how much it does apply when the city gets fined $25,000.00 per day and gets all federal funding cut off.

  36. Marissa

    I’m sick of the liberals and there disrespect for President Trump. We all need to work together and I totally agree with Roger W Brown.

  37. Roger W Brown

    Following a treaty or not, Every American should do his/her part to cut back on everything. It shouldn’t be left up to Government s alone to make people do it. WE should ALL voluntarily do it for the good of THE PLANET and The NEXT Generations!!

  38. lesstressrx

    Tom you are correct. I like the be removed….

    1. Karen

      As a City Mayor in the state of TN she can be recalled and we don’t even need a valid reason. Now will the people of Nashville do it. Not on your life. Too much money in Nashville. And most of them are liberals.

  39. AshleyPo

    Enjoy and have fun, but, don’t forget to send your citizens tax money in to cover the cost for those countries that are signatory but do not cover their part.

  40. jpon0781

    Nashville Al Gore’s hometown! Anyone surprised?

  41. Tom W

    You don’t get to decide whether or not the constitution is invalid….. uphold it or be removed…..

  42. All of these local officials who have signed documents that violate the “law” called the Constitution Of The United States have commited treason against their oath’s of office and threachery against the people of this country who abide by “laws” in a legal system of our country’s Election. All of these governor’s and mayor’s should be arrested, impeached and expunged from ever holding office again in our country.

    1. Karen

      She can be RECALLED.

  43. Joseph Vigue

    I sure do wish I had a nickel for every libturd that just KNOWS that we humans are the main culprits causing climate change. I would be the richest person to ever live on the planet! Then I could buy myself a few media sources and tell the truth about all of the FAKE SCIENCE and LYING goons like Al Gore the inventor of the internet that make people act so damned STUPID!

  44. David Stewart

    Why don’t you focus on stopping crime and shootings in nashville ……

  45. Carlo D'Angelo

    I left NY for the charm of the South, and certainly have found that..but I am feeling a race to embrace what I left, authoritarianism, smugness and just in general liberalism. Show me one successful country that has thrived under socialism….well mayor, you seem to be sporting a “I know what’s best” and it’s not the rule of law “group think”. I’m with Presidential Trump on this, You should re visit the honest facts on this, if you truly represent your constituents. 0

  46. Mike Linn

    There is nothing saying she cant follow thru with the tenets of the accord. If she wants to send Nashvilles tax money to East Timor… go for it. I say welcome Ms Barry to the concept of federalism … FINALLY!

    1. Karen

      Federalism. Sir you need to educate yourself on the definition of Federalism.

    2. Tracy

      What she is implementing is Socialism/Communism and you obviously are a product of the public school system that pushes the false utopia of Socialism vs Capitalism/Federalism,

  47. Kathleen Herrmann

    This is a good idea giving the power. Back to the states , it is called deregulation . They should be proud to make these decisions and move forward on them

  48. meare1

    A liberal in Nashville… I thought the looney tunes were only here in Washington state !! Vote out the left!!!

    1. Wolf Woman

      Megan Barry is not a liberal. Phil Bredesen was a a liberal mayor. Barry is a progressive socialist who is a cell member of the “Chicago way” group here and the handmaiden of the TN ACLU communist sympathizer, Hedy Weinberg, her husband Dan Cornfield, a Vanderbilt Sociology prof and other communist sympathizer activists who support illegal immigration and Islamic sharia law.

      BTW, Vanderbilt, in its race to become a progressive Harvard of the South has been turning out many of these types, who unfortunately stay in Nashville to live. Their Divinity school SJW graduates think Protestant doctrine divinely mandates justice for collective identity oppression as opposed to spiritual salvation for the individual.

  49. Beth

    If you put dirt on this woman’s shoes, throw on some mulch, you would truly have a “Blooming Idiot!”Who does she think she is? Vote her out!!

  50. Hoss

    Hey Megan,
    Don’t let your mouth write a check your butt can’t cover…………..

  51. jerry smith

    3 Trillion bucks. If you confiscated the whole State of TN and sold it you would still come up short of paying the 3 TRILLION Dollars that POS treaty said we owe. Hell with The Paris Treaty and Hell with Megan Barry.

  52. Frank Sloan Jr.

    If you are one of the states that put out a lot of pollution you should work on a solution to the problem and not expect help from the states that aren’t causing the problem. Don’t blame the president for what he did, he might have had a good reason that nobody knows about. If you want to keep working on the problem go right ahead nobody is stopping you, hell we salute you.

  53. R Lambo

    I would like to see these 187 mayors put up $5.3 Billion each to make up the Trillion dollars Trump just saved this country. If you really want to back this horrible Paris Agreement put your local tax payers money where your mouth is. See how long you last then. I’m guessing not long. Shut up and get in your lane.

  54. NBC_Vic_Hern

    Just wondering…
    Is Nashville just another one of those DEM rat Plantation Urban Cimmunes ?

  55. George Acosta

    Again, here is another person who means to slight the President by saying that the town she leads will abide by the Paris agreement. And once again I applaud her for showing us all how independent governments work within a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!

    If the towns people support her and the use of their tax money this way then good for them. If not then she will hear about it during her next election cycle.

    That being said, why should ALL of the US tax payers pay for something that we don’t want?

    I love how Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is pledging money to the agreement, that shows that capitalism works, and how Mayor Barry is committing money also, which shows that a constitutional republic works. Well played people, well played.

  56. Dennis Adams

    You are a liberal socialist. Nashville is filling with Muslims. it’s only a matter of time.
    you madam are an idiot.

  57. SBritt

    Libtards! You dumbasses can drive your Priuses and Volts all you want. Put in more green belts too! Talk all you want about how YOU are going to bypass Trump … The IMPORTANT part is that the US government won’t be sending Billions of tax dollars to idiots socialists in Europe and around the world!

  58. Doofydoofus

    Omg and I thought moonbeam was a retarded moron, can’t believe all these idiots believing that climate change fraud.

  59. David Kimbrough

    These democrats who hold public office and continue to defy federal law need to be impeached and thrown out of office. The democratic party has become little more than a terrorist organization. They use violence and threats of violence to deny the right to free speach theu disagree with, disobey federal immigration law and are making an organized effort to overthrow our duly elected President.

  60. Christopher Morvant

    It would seem that this mayor, and any mayor or governor that joins this mayor, are in clear violation of United States Constitutional Law prohibiting municipalities and states of the United States from entering into any treaty with any foreign power or powers…. By definition she, and all of the mayor’s and governor’s that follow in her footsteps, are practicing subversion. They should all be arrested for their subversive acts and behaviors.

  61. PatrickHenry

    Explains why Nashville has begun to look like a foreign country.

    Its time to recall this chick.

    1. Jeff

      This stupid ass woman just showed her ignorance just like them dumb add people in califorina…both states survive on tourist…so…all of trump supporters boycott spending any of their hard working money in these states…lets see what impact us trump supporters can have on these dumb ass liberal democrats….we put trump in…so let’s stand with him and KICK SOME ASS!!!!

  62. Jesse


  63. Jack Cell Jernigan

    Are you some kind of nut?! The Constitution DOES apply here in Nashville. Follow it! Enough said.

  64. Rico addams

    Residents of Nashville, you need to throw this left-wing Looney Tune out of office period She will destroy your city. She has no idea what the Constitution says. She does not to have the power to agree with or disagree with treaties period that is up to the federal government.

  65. Al Gore

    The constitution doesn’t apply here? What planet are you from? Well then your laws don’t apply to me Mayor Barry! Tell me, what’s it worth to sell out Nashville? What kind of kick back are you getting from the climate change extremists? You say 187 mayors represent 52 million Americans. What about the other 250 million?

  66. Rose Sims

    What a moron Nashville has for a mayor!
    If she thinks the constitution does not apply to her or Nashville, she needs the boot!
    Our President never said he would not do things to combat climate change, (which is a farce) he just pulled America out of the Paris agreement!
    It’s a waste of taxpayer money and does absolutely nothing the help the environment.
    Nashville, please have your Mayor read the agreement and then explain how it actually helps.
    Maybe she’ll call Angela Merkel and scold the old hag about their emissions going up last year!

  67. The Constitution Does Not Apply Here in Nashville!!!!! REALLY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. mac sterling

    So Apparently the 21st century ushers in the era of “Laws…?? We don’ need no stinkin laws…..

  69. Michael

    So we a stupid man, moonbeam brown, and we have a stupid woman, megan berry, who have absolutely no clue the cost to the taxpayers for a worthless agreement that would enrich Europe with American dollars and the U.S. would have to put into place the most stringent measures than any other country, including china and india, who are the biggest polluters on the planet!!! God where do these stupid people come from and why are they ever elected!!!

  70. Megan Berry doesn’t even know what is in the Paris Climate Aggrement

  71. DLL

    Your stupid woman!

  72. Tucker

    EDENHOFER): First of all, developed countries have basically expropriated the atmosphere of the world community. But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.

    For the record, Edenhofer was co-chair of the IPCC’s Working Group III, and was a lead author of the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report released in 2007 which controversially concluded, “Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations.”
    Perhaps the Mayor will be happy to lead the way by “redistributing” her wealth.

  73. Amy Flowers

    Maybe all you folks in Nashville can vote her out the next election. The majority of anyone being against anything OUR PRESIDENT does is to blend in with all the other Libraries or basically doing anything morally wrong in my opinion.

  74. Kenny Tomlin

    This makes me so glad that I left Nashville 35 years ago and never looked back and what in the world is wrong with you people in Nashville

  75. Rm

    I say this bluntly your opinion does not matter it does not circumvent over the president United States or we the people or one person as the domain to change the decision of a nation we will stand our ground United we stand you my dear shhould Be removed from office immediately as you cannot even uphold your solemn oath to protect and serve we the people

  76. Wiliam

    This is non binding since it was not ratified by the Senate. This person has forgotten where she lives and this agreement was the work of a dictator and dictators don’t go around here. Maybe she’d be more comfortable in Europe. I’d pitch in a few bucks for the ticket.

  77. Lh

    First of all the Paris Accord did absolutely nothing but steal American taxpayers money…second of all local Mayors don’t make up the law ….follow the constitution or lose ur job !!!!!!!!!! Toyr a lowlife mayor not president u twit

  78. Tim Singleton

    Well, y’all know what to do come the next election. These are the very kinds of people who must be kept from prospering politically.

  79. defiant766

    Time to retake Nashville. Barry in no way shape or form represents our state. This pathetic excuse for a mayor is a disgrace. The liberals moved in and elected this idiot. You by all means can express your opinions, just be ready for the response from those who absolutely disagree with you.

  80. doornazi


    President Obama has just committed his most flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution to date. He purported to commit the United States to a legally binding treaty without first obtaining consent by two thirds of the Senators present, as required under Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution. Obama is using the United Nations to end run the Senate with regard to the Paris Agreement on climate change negotiated last December.
    Last week, Obama submitted an instrument to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, for deposit with the UN, which he claims signifies official “acceptance” of the Paris Agreement by the United States. Obama said he and China’s President Xi Jinping together decided to “commit formally to joining the agreement ahead of schedule.”

  81. Keith Heatherly

    Where did y’all find this idiot at? California?

  82. donella thieleman

    How about you send them 100 billion dollars – are you so stupid – read what has happened every year with all the money we have sent – see what the huge polluters have done with the money and how they changed nothing to help the environment.
    I used to love TN and Nashville but apparently you are some Hollyweirdo transplant.

  83. Alberta

    If you don’t want to follow our constitution get to H— out of our government. Might not be a bad idea if you move out of the United States. How did you get elected anyway. It is people like you who are corrupting our country. You think you can do what ever you want. Hope you get booted out in next election. Better yet maybe you should be impeached>

  84. Karen

    Actually this is a good thing, the US is now free of a bad deal that would have cost billions on the backs of the US taxpayer.
    And now these mayor’s and governor’s are stepping up and taking responsibility all on their own for their districts.
    If we had stayed in they would have done nothing on their own, but instead would have come up with all sorts of excuses for why they needed federal dollars.
    So we get the best of both worlds, savings of billions, innovations and more jobs for cleaner environment.
    If Tennessee wants to shell out billions to other countries let them, I seriously don’t think they can afford it.
    This was the best thing that could have happened.

  85. Sal Gaytan

    Violate the constitution and be arrested. I have no more tolerance for democratic politicians who think that they can make up their own rules in the name of their cause. I’d like to see some jail time for these law breakers

  86. Clyde Keene

    This mayor needs to do more homework. Her city is not independent of the United States of America and therefore all laws adopted by and signed by the President of the United States of America apply to all States and City within its boundaries regardless of what the local governments say.

  87. adrian

    I would lay money that each one of these governors and mayors have been contacted by Barack Hussein Obama! ¡ they’re all idiots!!

  88. Sandra

    I would say what Nixon did was nothing compared to what these mayors and governors want to do now. The left does not care about the Americans who voted Trump in. They care about who can vote them in. People who are the conservatives be careful who you put in office the next time round.

  89. Mark Marriott

    Nashville voters: Are you going to do anything about this?

  90. Mary Bower

    What the hell is in the water these people are drinking? Are they all insane. Can’t they read? If they read, can they comprehend? Trump said we are not joining NOW. We are not financing the Paris Accord. The U.S. HAS improved our air quality and will continue to do so. China has not and are not being required to. WHY SHOULD WE FINANCE this fiasco? We shouldn’t. NO MORE FREE RIDES!!!! Thank you President Trump

  91. m lee

    Ignorant unprofessional incompetent dumb blonde SHOULDN’T HOLD OFFICE


  92. Stephanie

    Where is the money.coming from to pay the money to these countries. When to the Governors and Mayord start obeying the law.

  93. There should be serious consequences for any politician who uses their position to defy a presidential decision or just arbitrarily shelf the Constitution.

  94. Willie Smith

    Since this is a direct violation of U.S. Constitutional Law, she, Cuomo, Moonbat Jerry Brown, etc. should all be arrested and removed from office.

    1. Penny

      Amen Cuomo has got to go he is already stealing NYer’s money to bail out other cities he has our gas prices so high along with our taxes as he rides around in his stretch limo and new helicopter

  95. PJ

    The constitution doesn’t appt? That should tell you everything you need to know.

    1. Patricia McHatton

      Don’t understand what you wrote. All 50 States are under the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
      ALL STATES ARE REQUIRED TO ABIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION. What President Trump is doing is what is right. He is saving billions of Dollars of America’s money. We have paid other countries MONEY to be in the Paris ACCORD. YOU ARE A MAYOR NOT A PRESIDENT. Next Election will change your job.

      1. Lee

        My sentiments exactly. When did Nashville leave the USA? I hear France is welcoming all these folk!

  96. Wolf Woman

    Mayor Barry is a typical progressive hack politician who parrots the party line of “cool” global elitists and who wouldn’t know how to interpret a hockey stick graph if their life depended on it.

    Maybe she should concentrate on stopping the crime in neighborhoods like Sylvan Park, Belmont and Antioch.(Remember she’s in charge of the police so if they’re ineffectual, she shoulders the blame.) Of course if her dreams come true, Nashville will be a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. That will help the crime rate for sure.

    1. Steve

      I hear al gore is in the market for a new woman!

    2. JR

      Yeah. Kind of surprises me. I thought Tennessee was one of the states where a relative degree of sanity prevailed.

  97. Bob

    This is my favorite part…
    “In 2016, Mayor Barry formed the Livable Nashville Committee, comprised of leaders from Nashville’s public, private, environmental, academic, and philanthropic sectors, and charged its members with developing a shared vision for protecting and enhancing Nashville’s livability and environmental quality. Draft recommendations, which include reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, are available to review,” the statement added.

    Notice there was no working Americans in this group.


  98. M. Berry

    This would include your tax dollars being sent to countries that want to kill us. I am not opposed to killing every business in Tennessee. Those smoking tourist on on 2nd ave have to go! This is my plan to improve the Nashville Sharia Law Courts. In my next meeting with the Tennessee Terrorist Counsel, I will carefully outline how the Muslim community can destroy the western way of life starting right here in Nashville. In this subversion attempt of the constitution, I will also institute Nashville as a Sanctuary City despite what the laws of Tennessee say.

    1. Honey S

      She’s a mayor? I’m no official but I got the drift. Come on people, THINK sometimes if you can’t do it every time. Crazy feeble-minded people!!

  99. Bob

    It appears that “global warming” has had a damaging effect on Mayor Berry’s head. She would be well-advised to deal with the ever growing murders and violent crimes in Tennessee’s “most inclusive city” instead of tilting at the global warming windmill.

    1. Marie Kleber

      Well said. These liberal loonies either don’t read well or they are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Even if it makes them look like morons.

      1. frank gottman

        True. The lack of true ethics and respect for their jobs as leaders for the public good allows them to love that 15 minutes of fame. At worst, they are hypocrites . At best, they are weak minded.

  100. Cathy Peloquin

    You’re an idiot and anyone who voted for you is too!!!

    1. Liz

      They sure are. Nobody seems to notice that when Trump pulled out of the Accord, he NEVER said he would not protect this country’s efforts for clean air, just that it was a bad financial deal for U.S. Giving billions away, while Russia, China , and India contributed NOTHING? I don’t think so.

      1. Greg Cahue

        So you think his efforts to revitalize the coal industry are not going to impact air quality? What about his call to reduce funding to the EPA? Oh wait, what about his proposed rule, that for every new regulation two must be removed? If you think any of the above will not have an impact on air quality, then you are an idiot. Pay attention to his whole platform before you start defending him.

        1. frank tomasic

          it is not up to any group of foreign powers to decide the business affairs of this country.

          all they want is u.s .money to redistribute, these countries dont give a damn about climate, they just give a damn about getting our money.

          trump was elected easily by americans in red states across the country to represent OUR interest, not some consortium of nations that have no interest in our best interests.

          if you want to volunteer to help out the hoax of man-made climate change…you do it, just dont expect real americans to be forced to pay for it, this is nothing but climate ‘obamacare’ for the world’s grifters.

          1. Frank

            Our borrowed money

          2. curtis wilkinson


        2. Robert Highfill

          Greg what happened to the Millions of Taxpayer Dollars given to Sollyndra by the Obama Administration.

          1. Steven

            I think they made a movie about that money. It was called “Gone With The Wind”.

          2. Paul M Woodward

            Those billions are either sitting in a Swiss bank account, an offshore account, or the pockets of several damn theives. You can bet Obama got his cut!

        3. Nick

          You call for alternative energy to reduce a carbon footprint and to limit our dependencies on oil. Yet the oil business will still thrive because you need oil and products of oil to create the machines needed to build, sustain and, replace old and inefficient devices​. What’s to come of the old ones? You can only recycle so much. And the recycling process! How will you keep up with the power demand?

        4. Ghl

          Since it seems people are confused with the Paris Agreement here’s the details as far as it pertains to the United States. The US would have had to contribute up to nearly 1 Trillion per year. Paper manufacturing, cement manufacturing, and natural gas cut by up to 15-30%. Steel, iron ore and clean coal cut from 60%-80%. Millions of Jobs would have been lost due to this. Prices of not only energy but EVERYTHING would have gone up. This was a deal not to save the environment but to make the United States the Worlds piggy bank. We get nothing from this deal. Meanwhile the biggest polluter China doesn’t have to cut emissions until the year 2030 and can produce as many coal plants as they want. Wouldn’t you rather have us keep our jobs, low energy costs and figure out a way to increase making CLEAN COAL like we’ve been doing? The next biggest polluter is INDIA and they only agreed to this treaty because they are getting HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars over the next few years to be in this deal. We have some of the cleanest air and water in the world, some of the highest standards, and we have to dish out Trillions to OTHER countries while at the same time losing millions of our own jobs and prices skyrocketing here?! Are you KIDDING ME!? Oh by the way this deal if followed by every country exactly as written would drop the temperature 2/10ths of ONE DEGREE CELSIUS BY THE YEAR 2100. ARE YOU KIDDING!? This deal is a massive joke that does nothing for the environment and only dishes out the United States money to other countries. By the way this would cost every person in America about $100 a year out of pocket. This doesn’t include the thousands more we’d all be paying in higher energy prices and food prices. Think about that people 1 trillion per year from the US while most of the other countries give ZERO or are getting billions from us. BAD DEAL AND I’M THANKFUL TRUMP GOT US OUT OF IT.

          1. Michkcm

            Your are absolutely correct. I bet the majority of these Liberals have no clue what the Paris Agreement is, and certainly never read it. Liberals just love throwing money out the window. Trillions of dollars that could be invested in our own country, into helping our country reduce our footprint. Half of the countries are under developed, who is there to ensure they follow through? Why does China, (the biggest abuser of O2) have 30 years of business as usual. How does that help the environment?? Clueless Liberal’s, ugh!!

          2. Jan A.

            Exactly. Well said.

          3. J. Santoro

            Spot on. Tired of libtards deciding to do as they like wether it’s constitutional or nor.

          4. Shay Gatsby

            Frankly, I don’t give a damn about Paris or any other country outside of the U.S. I am sick of hearing about the Great United States taking on ALL of the world’s problems and the COST to do so. It’s time to think about making America great again ! Thank you Pres. Trump for keeping your word about these kind of things.

          5. MommaJoy

            Thanks for this info. Very informative. Of course, liberals don’t want this info getting out!

        5. Your an absolute moron, that coal was just stopped from being burnt here in America. It is now shipped to India and China who don’t have to follow the emissions rules we so! You LIBERALS are complete buffoons!

        6. Leanne

          First of all , it was a bad deal why should the US pay a billion dollars while the other countries pay nothing? Secondly it does not take effect till 2021, and POTUS said it would be renegotiated. So think befor you and the other little minions speak. It’s so tiring reading what ignorant people speak especially these mayors who undoubtedly are really stupid. POTUS is looking out for the American people not other countries that do not want to pay they’re far share.

        7. Shawn

          Google agenda 21 and then you will understand the European-based globalist take over using the environment as a tool.

        8. Mr. B

          Once again you fail to see the point. The EPA has gotten in the same poor condition as the CIA. Too many money grabbers pushing their agendas. Our President is cleaning the slate of all the ridiculous regulations and starting over. He is t trying to pollute our country, he is trying to clean up the pollution that is the swamp that has been spoken of so much lately.

        9. Allen

          you are the idiot, coal is the safest and cleanest burning fuel we have for one and two the epa is corrupt and has done more damage in regards to pollution than anyone or anything else. you need to get your facts straight before you run your mouth period

        10. Lori C.

          What about when the EPA did this and got away with it?

          I guess that was ok in your mind then, because it was the EPA that did it….go away troll

        11. Brian

          The US has a minor impact on CO2 emissions compared to China and India, which aren’t doing anything to hold back emissions. If you want to feel good, just cut off your utilities and fuel purchases. That’s a symbolic yet painful act that will also do very little.

        12. Nancy

          He should disband the EPA. O’Bama had them shutting down everything . Companies here in this country are cleaning up the air. Making their companies more efficient . We are. It in the position to pay out billions to other countries. Don’t u get this country is very much in debt.

        13. Doug

          Oh wait, you must be a libtard.

        14. Dan Lindsey

          Yep no problem—clean coal technology is here and has been for years—–developed by the USA on it’s own without paris. I Barry pledged allegiance to a Golobal Alliance of Mayors—she is no longer eligibecto hold her office here in the USA—against the Us and Tennessee Constitution.

        15. Ken

          Oh yeah that’s it moron let’s put more Americans out of work. Your the idiot dude wake up snowflake

        16. WVPatriot

          As compared to China and India, miniscule! If those two countries were under the same obligations as the USA, maybe this would be feasible. By the way, not all regulations relate to climate! Pay attention to reality before you spout nonsense.

        17. chris carlen

          Never use logic and ethics when you can employ emotional outbursts.
          Because that is the watermark of an intellectual.

        18. Jim Ford

          Did you pay attention to everything he said? I think not. At the end, he said he was going to try to renegotiate a new deal where the US wasn’t footing the majority of the money. Also to make sure the money went to good use, which it wasn’t.
          Now if you knew anything about what is going on you would know that the agreement we were in was unconstitutional. Obama did NOT get authority from the Senate to be able to get into this agreement, so the agreement was and is invalid, or don’t you understand how government works.Trump did the right thing getting us out of an unconstitutional agreement.

      2. Stacy Sweeney

        Bless you Liz,
        FINALLY someone has posted this. Does anybody even know this…Nope. It’s unbelievably. It just amazes me that no one is talking about the BILLIONS of U.S. dollars being funded to other countries. How about funding our own country for a while. Is that ok with you? Cuz if we keep this up there will be no school, no hospitals, no bridges, no roads, no police, no government….NOTHING. Well this is not how I was raised. I was raised as a Proud American. And I wanna be a Proud American again.

      3. Al H

        You are Absofreakinglutely right. People are so focused on social media bullcrap that they don’t even listen to the plain simple American English he used to explain.

      4. John

        So short sighted… Do you really think that components for clean energy gathering and storage are made from unicorn farts. They are made from synthetic polymers and co-polymers. Synthetically produced semiconductors. There is as much non-biological waste going into our water from such that no one seems to care about… but lets all find a way to hope that potus crashes and burns the economy we are all riding on so you can say “I told you so”… that’s the most important part.

    2. Lee Dautreui

      Yes , I agree. This is America !

    3. Gail

      So…. I doubt that Trump or anyone would have a problem with any or every city in the US attempting to be environmentally aware. Trump said himself that America has been and will continue to work towards protecting our earth. Science experts have been divided on the actual impact considering ‘climate change’, yet within reason our country will continue to do our part! Will this mayor send MILLIONS of her constituent’s tax dollars to Paris as well? While knowing China- who is not required to reduce or pay- gets a free pass? I’m glad she wants her city clean- good for her! Most Americans, including our president, feel the same. WITHIN reason. These liberals take the extreme on Every. Single. Move. They act like Trump is going to tell every American to go throw their garbage in the rivers and their chemicals into nursery schools!! This issue with this agreement is the unfairness of it- both cost and practice. It is NOT our country bailing out on doing our part to reduce our footprint on the environment. Way to twist everything AGAIN, mainstream media!

      1. Lewis

        Gail, she worded her statement half correctly. The constitution does apply to Nashville, as well as to every other city in America. She is right that it does not apply to her meeting the Pairis agreement, outside a signed agreement with other nations. She is basically saying the same thing Trump said: we will do it without paying other nations to do it. She just wanted her pretty face on the news and five minutes of glory.

      2. Stephen Foley

        Great point! Let these people send money to Paris.

      3. Rene

        Lets twist today like we did last summer…..Chubby Checkers
        Always a twist on what the POTUS says…..

    4. Matilda

      I totally agree. How the heck do this nut jobs get in office. People who care about America need to turn out and vote this idiots out of office. She is just another obama loonie.

    5. David

      It’s funny when a small town Mayor thinks they are above Federal levels of anything.

    6. Jamse Sheffield

      Liberals should outlawed. Since when can a mayor override the president?

    7. Ginny

      I agree! Where are they finding these people..

    8. Sandra I. McMahan

      Yes, these tree huggers are apparently not aware that China and Indian are not bound by these regulations for the next THIRTEEN YEARS, and the U. S. is paying more than its fair share. Also, these gold plated hypocrites fly to many of their important meetings.

    9. David

      She obviously supports ISIS and wants as many terrorist to come to Nashville as possible.