Peyton Manning Plays Golf With President Trump and Sen. Bob Corker

Tennessee Star


Football star Peyton Manning reportedly played golf with President Trump and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker on Sunday.

CBS Sports, citing various sources, published a story online Monday with video and photos of the three men outside the White House, on the golf course and sitting around a table at what appears to be the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

“Manning has long been someone who was rumored to have interest in getting into politics, primarily because of his immense popularity in the state of Tennessee,” the story said. “This latest encounter is hardly an indication that is happening, but it probably won’t stop people from speculating.”

In March, rumors swirled that the University of Tennessee alumnus might run for Senate in 2020 to replace Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, who is said to be considering retiring.

But Manning downplayed those rumors, according to the Denver Post.

“I don’t know where that came from. Last week I was going to run a team, this week I going to apparently run for Senate, and next week I’ll be an astronaut,” Manning said at the time. “I have no interest in the political world, but would like to continue serving communities.”

Manning, 41, retired from the NFL last year. The star quarterback played for the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos. He played college football for the University of Tennessee. He now does motivational speaking. In January, he spoke on teamwork and leadership at the annual policy retreat in Philadelphia for congressional Republicans.

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