Haslam’s Muslim Advisory Council Wants Deportable Aliens to Stay in Tennessee

Tennessee Star


Tennessee’s American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) is objecting to certain Iraqi and Kurdish nationals living in Nashville being detained by ICE based on probable cause for deportation. AMAC has claimed that:

All week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been targeting and harassing Nashville’s Iraqi and Kurdish community members at their homes, on the road, and even at their workplaces, and all without a warrant to show.

AMAC board member and spokesman Drost Kokoye acknowledges that some of the ICE detainees have criminal records and some may have overstayed their visas; either violation makes them a priority for deportation.

AMAC, which grew out of a project sponsored by the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), was organized in 2011, to oppose anti-terrorism legislation passed by the Tennessee state legislature in response to the jihad perpetrated by Carlos Bledsoe, aka, Abdulhakim Mohammed. After the legislative session concluded, a picture was published showing the group that formed AMAC, receiving direct support and assistance from Tennessee’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security. A November 2011 letter signed by then Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security Bill Gibbons stated:

On behalf of the State of Tennessee and the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, I thank and congratulate you for the establishment of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) to our Office of Homeland Security.

AMAC subsequently provided training to Tennessee Safety and Homeland Security personnel. They likewise have partnered with Sheriff Hall in Davidson County to train his staff. AMAC’s current Executive Director, Paul Galloway, is a former CAIR director. CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, is a named unindicted co-conspirator in the federal 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing prosecution in the U.S.

Nashville, nicknamed “Little Kurdistan,” is reputed to have the largest Iraqi Kurdish community in the U.S. that has established itself through refugee resettlement and secondary migration. Kurds are an ethnic group pulling together people from parts of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

In 2007, the Kurdish Pride Gang (KPG) members were described by Nashville law enforcement as “increasingly vicious and brazen.” Gang experts warn that gangs made up of people that come from war-torn countries pose a “unique problem” because they are desensitized to violence and dismissive of authority.

Kokoye is a prolific tweeter who has accused President Bush of perpetrating the 9/11 attacks and says “I don’t like being called a new American. I really don’t even like being called an American.  I’m a Kurd.” Despite denigrating the U.S. Constitution, as “a document that writes white supremacy into law,” Kokoye now insists that the law be applied to protect alien lawbreakers:

“If the United States is a country of laws, we expect the administration that exists in this country to abide by those laws in the same ways they expect the citizens to abide by those laws.”

Kokoye was trained as a community agitator by the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) which has helped two Metro Nashville council members draft bills to prevent ICE from removing criminal aliens from Davidson County.






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5 Thoughts to “Haslam’s Muslim Advisory Council Wants Deportable Aliens to Stay in Tennessee”

  1. Mberry

    Maybe Christians should blow people up including kids, behead all those who are different, and fly planes into big building. See if they get their own council then.

  2. Bob

    Why is there no American Christian Advisory Council (AMAC)for Tennessee. how much tax money is being spent on this effort? I am pushing for a suit based on religious discrimination or this a case for separation of church and state. Seem like the Tennessee government is establishing one religion over another.

  3. Jay

    Call it what it is The Terrorist Advisory Counsel.
    Why is there no Christian Advisory Counsel and money put forth to that effort?

  4. Wolf Woman

    So Paul Iesa (Jesus) Galloway, current director of AMAC, was director of CAIR Houston. CAIR is the lobbying, activist arm of the Muslim Brotherhood whose slogan is:
    “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader;
    the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way;
    dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”
    Paul, does this mean you approve of the jihadi suicide bombers and their tactics? Just askin’.

    And Drost Kokoye seems to be a little confused about our laws. Maybe it’s because she likes the “superior” Islamic sharia law (that allows for wives to be beaten by their husbands, for gays and apostates to be killed) better than our inferior man-made laws and Constitution. Is that why she has broken with tradition and hasn’t married? Afraid she’ll suffer beatings by her husband?

    And maybe Drost’s belief in sharia law is why she doesn’t want to abide by the laws of our land and protests them. She says in a Tweet: “When nonviolent protest isn’t enough, go on to actions the oppressor can’t ignore – riot.”

    Riots and jihad seems to be what the religion of peace does best.

    And then there’s Gov. Haslam, who is so clueless (or not) that he joins the state of Tennessee law enforcement and administrative forces with an organization that blatantly ignores our laws and lobbies for illegal aliens and criminals to stay and live amongst law-abiding citizens. Shame on you, Gov. Haslam, shame on you.

    1. Nash

      Oust them and Haslam along with.