EXCLUSIVE: Scottie Nell Hughes Says ‘There’s a Strong Possibility’ She Will Run for 6th Congressional District Seat if Diane Black Runs for Governor


Scottie Nell Hughes told The Tennessee Star in an exclusive interview Tuesday night “there’s a strong possibility” she will run for the 6th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives currently held by Congressman Diane Black.

Hughes, a native Tennessean and graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin, gained national prominence during the 2016 campaign as a surrogate for the Trump campaign and frequent CNN contributor.

“The domino first falls with Congressman Black,” Hughes told The Star.

“I’m proud to have her be the first female chair of the House Budget Committee,” Hughes added.

“I’m absolutely not going to make a decision until Congressman Black decides on whether she will run for governor. If she choose to run for governor, there’s a strong possibility I will run for the 6th Congressional District seat, and that’s only because of the people who’ve approached me and the support I’ve received from 6th District grassroots groups,” Hughes said.

Though she is waiting on Congressman Black’s decision on running for governor to make her own decision on running for Congress, Hughes is maintaining a busy speaking schedule along the I-40 corridor that runs from suburban Nashville to Cookeville within the 6th Congressional District.

“I’m going to come back on Friday and speak at the 6th District Patriots meeting in Putnam County. Then in July I’m going to speak to the Fairfield Glad GOP,” Hughes said.

When asked about State Rep. Judd Matheny’s interest in running for the same seat, Hughes said “he’s a great conservative. This is not about going against Judd.”

“This is about running to represent the people for the 6th District. This is me running to help support President Trump,” she added.

The Washington Examiner first reported earlier on Tuesday that Scottie Nell Hughes is “looking at ” a run for the 6th Congressional District seat in Tennessee currently held by Diane Black in the event Black chooses to run for governor in 2018:

“I was first approached just days after election night as the rumors of Congresswoman Black running for Governor of Tennessee were already swirling,” Hughes told the Washington Examiner.

Black, who currently chairs the powerful House Budget Committee is reportedly mulling a gubernatorial bid but has yet to announce her intentions for the 2018 cycle.

Hughes said she’s looking at the opportunity. She emphasized she has no interest in challenging Black, whom she considers a friend adding the congresswoman attended her wedding.

“President Trump has an aggressive agenda, which I believe will make life better for my community and communities like mine around this country. However, he needs strong allies to stand shoulder to shoulder with him and work with him to see many of his campaign promises turned into policy,” Hughes said.

“Any decision of my future plans depends on how best I feel I can continue to represent their voice,” Hughes added.

The Star asked Hughes if she would have the financial resources to make a run for the seat.

“Unfortunately, money is very important in politics today,” Hughes said.

She expressed confidence, however, that a number of conservative groups as well as residents of the 6th Congressional District would support her potential campaign financially as well as politically.

“What President Trump did teach us is if your message is in line with what the people want, you don’t have to be the biggest spender in the race. I’m going to follow that protocol,” she concluded.



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  3. Stuart I. Anderson

    There are reports that President Trump has contacted the Republican House leadership complaining that the House bill repealing Obamacare is too harsh and should be liberalized. There are also reports that he is very enthusiastic about paid family leave and this not negotiable – it simply must be in any new tax bill.

    I reiterate this sad review of Trump’s positions simply to emphasize the difference between Scottie Nell Hughes whose claim to fame is “. . .as a surrogate for the Trump campaign. . .” and a Judd Matheny who has been a CONSERVATIVE LEADER in the Tennessee House.