Tennessee Congressman Chuck Fleischmann At Scene of Wednesday’s Shooting But Unhurt

Tennessee congressman Chuck Fleischmann was at the park early Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia, where a man opened fire on a top GOP lawmaker and others who were there to play baseball.

Rep. Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana who is House Majority Whip, was injured in the attack. A congressional staffer and two congressional police officers were also wounded. Fleischmann was not harmed. The shooter was killed by police.

Fleischmann, who represents Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district and is based out of Chattanooga, told CNN:

I’m shook up. Thank God. I’m a little bit bloodied from jumping in the dugout when we were under fire, but there were several other people shot and hurt a lot worse. Just a horrible, horrible morning for us all and a sad day for America.
The fear factor was horrific because by the time I got into the dugout, I saw several other members bleeding. I saw one gentleman who had been shot in the leg. There was blood all over and it was horrible, but we did not know when it was going to end.

It’s my understanding that the Capitol Police only had pistols at that time, so the calls for help went out to get assistance and I understand local police finally did arrive, but it seemed forever, because I actually stayed pinned to the wall on the inside of the dugout because I figured that was the safest place.

We were all kind of huddled in there, but as anybody would get up, we would tell them please, please get down because we didn’t know exactly where all of the shots were firing from and whether or not there was more than one shooter. It turned out to be one shooter, but I had to walk right past him when I walked past third base from left field. He just decided not to shoot me, so I was very fortunate.

"It's a very sad day for America," said Rep, Chuck Fleischmann (R-Tenn. pic.twitter.com/KRlxje7y6T

— Lisa Mascaro (@LisaMascaro) June 14, 2017

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