Commentary: We Don’t Need Gun Control — We Need Democrat Control

Tennessee Star

Never let a crisis go to waste, as the left’s loud Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, always used to say. So like a good tool, Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s Democratic governor, listened. He took a time out from his well wishes for the victims of the Alexandria shooting attack on Republicans playing ball to say this: “There are…

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3 Thoughts to “Commentary: We Don’t Need Gun Control — We Need Democrat Control”

  1. Jay

    Being a Democrat at one time was a good thing. When they stood for jobs and lower taxes. Now there message is name calling and blaming. When you have no message like the Berry’s and others, all you can do is fight others ideas. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

  2. Jim Forsythe

    An excellent commentary. We need to outlaw progressives, and issue gun carry permits to all responsible citizens.

  3. Wolf Woman

    The coastal New Left and the neo-Marxists have had 50 years to infiltrate and change the Democratic Party and now are mainstream, like our Mayor Megan Barry and her husband, Hedy Weinberg at the TN ACLU. The young people in my neighborhood parrot the word “progressive” as their political affiliation without an idea of what it means. They think progressive means you’re hip and cool and care about others.

    I have some friends who cling to this party, in denial that it has changed and that they are in bed with those who hold beliefs that are intolerant, hateful, shallow and anti-human rights. These democrats admire Islam and have emulated their war tactics to become political jihadis.