Nashville Preparing to Become Most Liberal Sanctuary City in the U.S.

Tennessee Star

Two ordinances filed by Metro Councilmen Bob Mendes and Colby Sledge, drafted with the assistance of the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) and cheered on by Mayor Megan Barry, will make Davidson County and Metro Nashville the most liberal sanctuary city in the U.S.; in fact, even more liberal in its policies than New York City or San Francisco.

The Metro Council may hold the second of the three required readings of one or both bills during its regularly scheduled meeting tonight.

TIRRC, an affiliate of the National Council of La Raza and a recipient of funding from a George Soros front group, has been agitating for Nashville to formalize its informal sanctuary city practices since the election of President Trump. The two bills co-sponsored by Mendes and Sledge which will have their second reading tonight, will accomplish that goal.

Trying to pass off the ordinances as “in line with state and federal law” the other Mendes/Sledge  bill if passed will, by prohibiting Metro Nashville employees from inquiring into anyone’s immigration status, effectively enable illegal aliens to access public benefits they would otherwise be barred from using.

Using the ruse that it’s “bad policy and bad practice”for the Metro Council to continue a contractual arrangement with the U.S. Marshals Service that enables the Davidson County jail to detain illegal criminal aliens for ICE pick-up, the Mendes/Sledge bill would “require Metro to exercise its rights to terminate the contract, and negotiate new terms subject to Council approval.”

Mendes and Sledge object to cooperating with federal authorities working to deport criminal aliens and appear to have internalized Mayor Megan Barry’s mantra that Nashville is and should remain a “welcoming city” making the likely outcome that the Metro Council will decide not to renew any agreement that allows for complying with ICE detainers.

Even liberal New York City’s sanctuary policies include exceptions to the blanket rule of non-cooperation with federal immigration authorities. The NYC law includes 170 crimes that trigger cooperation with ICE detainers leading to deportation and more recently during budget hearings, Mayor De Blasio indicated he would be willing to add to that list of crimes:

But I would say anyone in good conscience who reads that list of 170 offenses, which is essentially any acts of violence, anything involving a weapon, anything involving terror, any major drug offenses — it’s quite comprehensive — understands the intent is to protect the safety of all New Yorkers.

After the murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien who had already been convicted of seven felonies and deported five times, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors “clarified” their sanctuary policy to allow the sheriff more discretion to cooperate with federal immigration authorities involving illegal aliens who commit certain felonies.

Mendes has downplayed the potentially devastating effect his bills will have on unsuspecting communities in Davidson County despite the fact that one of his bills will allow illegal aliens who commit all types of crimes, without exception, to be released back into the community instead of facing possible deportation by allowing cooperation with ICE.

Operation Community Shield” is an ICE Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) operation that targets violent gang members and their associates by partnering with local, state and other federal law enforcement agencies. The most recent report from May 2017, netted over 1,300 nationwide arrests of violent gang members. Investigations conducted by the units including the HSI Nashville, over time Operation Community Shield has “effected more than 4,300 criminal arrests and nearly 3,000 civil immigration arrests of MS-13 leaders, members and associates.”

It is not clear if Mendes or Sledge have considered whether creating the most liberal non-deportation zone in the U.S.  will magnetize Davidson County for criminal illegal aliens.

If a majority vote is reached on second reading, either one or both of the Mendes/Sledge bills will be scheduled for a third and final reading and a final vote.






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122 Thoughts to “Nashville Preparing to Become Most Liberal Sanctuary City in the U.S.”

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  7. Kaye

    Plain and simple Megan Berry is like Hillary Clinton…ABUSING HER POWER. She was voted in to HELP us but she is HURTING US IN THE WORST WAY and standing behind that FAKE SMILE. Please do us a favor and step aside. We do not need this.

  8. […] La Raza affiliate while still not dissing Metro Nashville for wanting to formally become the MOST LIBERAL SANCTUARY CITY IN THE U.S., seems to have inspired a Tennessee Star reader to comment on our story Monday, […]

  9. Linda Jordan

    No don’t do it stop Nashville!
    Support our president no Sanctuary cities it’s the United States of America and there should be no Sanctuary cities to any illegals

  10. Will

    Mayor Berry. Your support of this ordinance is a bad move. Remember, we voted you in and we will vote you OUT.

    1. K Garrett

      Voting for a liberal has serious consequences
      We have considered locating in the Nashville area but not anymore.

      Now I understand why so many homes are up for sale

      1. Bettye Hale

        Regardless of what you feel about Nashville and its choices (and I don’t live there), the reason so many houses are for sale is the fact that the market is hot and there is money to be made on real estate there, Gosh, I wish I owned a good size lot with an older house on it so I could sell if for a fortune to a developer who will build 3 “3 story shotguns” on the lot and sell them for a ridiculous price!!

  11. […] PNAE has awarded grant money to Nashville whose Council is preparing to formalize its status as the most liberal sanctuary city in the U.S in a third reading of the proposed ordinance scheduled for July […]

  12. […] The Tennessee Star reported last week, “[t]wo ordinances filed by Metro Councilmen Bob Mendes and Colby Sledge, drafted […]

  13. Terri Greer

    Wake up Nashville! She is going to be the worst mayor ever! Crime is out of the roof and guaranteed will be worse with this stupid move by council. Vote those Democrats out! Those that abstained from voting should be voted out too as they are spineless!

  14. […] that included a letter over their names to the State Attorney General (AG) requesting an opinion on Metro Nashville Council’s recently proposed sanctuary city ordinance, which passed a second of three required readings on Tuesday in a 25 to 8 […]

  15. People need to prepare for the worst. There are two types of people, trained and untrained. Which are you? Please go to and contact me. I can help prepare you and your family and friends.
    Special Operations Contingent Group, Inc.

  16. Ken

    If it happens I’ll spend my money else where and the city council is just as bad as she is.

    1. Darryl Wilson

      Please feel free to spend your money elsewhere. Nashville doesn’t need it now.

      1. Brandy

        Nashville does have gang problems I’ve worked in a facility dealing with them- the lawlessness of a large number of families should scare anyone into realizing this is a horrible thing.

  17. Allene Mackey

    People in Nashville voted this liberal airhead into office. What did they expect. I listened to a couple of her campaign speeches. That was all it took.
    I do not live in Davidson county, but I do go there often and spend my dollars there. No more if Nashville becomes a haven for criminals. If Nashville does not have a gang problem now, it soon will have. It will no longer be a tourist attraction, but a crime attraction. I do hope saner heads prevail.

    1. Ryan

      Hoping people will stop supporting Nashville with their dollars. I was born here. This is not our Nashville we grew up in and I did not vote for Barry. Spotted her right off. Nashville is a liberal haven created by an influx from the North and places such as CA and paid for by alcohol sales. Would rather live truth in poverty than slave to sin in financial prosperity.

    2. Matt

      No Democrat should be allowed to hold public office – or be in a position of public trust, or around children.

      The party of Occupiers, rioters, racists, illegal drugs, prostitution, pornography, abortionists, baby-parts sellers, felons , and illegal aliens has disqualified itself as a political party. These are felons, and the only debate should be how far their punishment will go.

  18. Glenda

    This lady will destroy Nashville!!!
    I hope they yank all her federal funding.
    We are not California. We do not want a
    Sanctuary city!!!!!!!!

  19. Darrell

    Sure am glad I no longer live in Nashville. Don’t cry fowl when crime increases stretching budgets. Megan is the worst mayor in Nashville history.

  20. Judy Johnson

    A few Brain Cells missing here. How long do you think we can keep tourism if this is passed. No one in there right mind will walk the streets of Nashville. Is this what you want for our city? Mayor Berry you need to listen to your Nashvilians . Maybe we should band together and not pay our taxes , then you have no tax dollars to use toward stupid decisions ! Last term for you… big screw up!

  21. I think the Metro Nashville council needs to check with the Tennessee Legislature on this one. Are the people of Nashville asleep? Maybe the council is asleep. Maybe you need some business people on the council to help you make some decisions. This is just stupidity. Do you ever plan to get reelected? I’ll think twice about going to Nashville for a weekend trip if this goes through.

    1. Nash

      I ask the same thing and I live here. Cannot seem to get people to wake up and take action. Please do not support Nashville any longer with $$. Share with your friends. Must stop this liberal insanity. Would rather live in truth in poverty, than in sin in prosperity.

  22. Michelle

    Fight this now patriots rise up! This is complete lunacy! This is TN, not CA! Time to take the damn gloves off!

    1. Nash

      Yes! Thanks. Pray for the people of Nashville to wake up and take action.

  23. Tony

    Here is a good resource on federal dependency from the Tax Foondation of your interested in reading more on it.

  24. Tim and Sylvia tanner

    The people of Nashville needs to get Megan out!!!!

  25. D. Richardson

    I don’t live in Nashville but I certainly spend a lot of money there. That is, I used to spend a lot of money there! I will no longer spend a dime to benefit this mayor and her stupid policies!

    1. Robert

      That’s the core problem — the money that Nashville brings in comes mostly from those outside Davidson County who come for various entertainment events or to work. But that set of people don’t get to vote; the huge welfare crowd in Nashville drive the vote far to the left. Most of the productive working class live in neighboring counties; just look at the voting patterns — Nashville votes reliably liberal, while every surrounding county votes heavily conservative.

    2. Nash

      Thanks. The best thing you can do for our city now is to NOT support us with your $$. People such as Barry must get the message. Pray for Nashville.

  26. Carolyn

    This makes me want to leave Nashville. How much longer do we have to put up with this woman and all those council members? Maybe she should invite all those illegals to camp around her house and she can feed and house them.

  27. Bruce

    So what do illegals do all day? They watch your house while you go to work. They figure out your schedule and habits so they know when they can break into your house and cars. They sit around and scheme, with the help of lawyers how to claim welfare benefits. I see so many foreigners around Nashville that have 6 or 8 kids claiming benefits. Imagine how many more will show up once they hear about this. Your tax dollars at work. Mayor Beery is also going to push for state income tax to pay for this sort of welfare.

  28. Becca

    When tourism drops, they may reconsider.

    1. Nash

      As a native Nashvillian – help us by boycotting Nashville. Would rather live in poverty and truth, than lies and prosperity.

  29. […] out of thirty-nine members present at Tuesday’s Metro Council meeting voted to pass the Mendes/Sledge ordinance forward to a third reading and final vote at the next regularly scheduled Council […]

  30. Tommy

    Wow shocking that rape and pedophilia is now legal in Nashville since illegal aliens will not be prosecuted for the crimes.

  31. […] The Tennessee Star reported on Tuesday, the Nashville Metro Council is currently considering two ordinances that would, in […]

  32. Dan

    You have a vote Nashville. Vote them out.

  33. BL

    Does anyone have the statistics on how much the homicide rate in Nashville/Davidson County has gone up in the past 2 years? What about the crime rate in general? Just looking at the past two years – by how much has the population of illegal residents in Metro increased? I recognize illegal is not a PC term – however, you are either here legally or illegally regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor, a civil offense or a criminal offense or improper entry or unlawful presence. Protection of our government is supposed to be a privilege of citizenship, not a privilege of illegal or unlawful presence.
    The following is copied from an article in the “Duke Law Journal” by a professor of law. Note that it refers to CITIZENS of the US:
    ” Hence, it was a violation of the Due Process
    Clause for any state “to deny protection to any free citizen of the
    United States within their limits in the rights of life, liberty, and property.
    ‘ 337 This positive understanding of the Due Process Clause was also
    expressed by other members.
    This identification of the Due Process Clause with the right to protection
    of the law was not, as is often thought, peculiar to Republican
    or antislavery ideology. Instead, it was central to the classical understanding
    of “due process of law” or “the law of the land” in both England
    and America.” — “A central purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment and Reconstruction
    legislation was to establish the right to protection as a part of the
    federal Constitution and laws, and thus to require the states to protect
    the fundamental rights of all persons, black as well as white. In establishing
    a federal right to protection, the Fourteenth Amendment was not
    creating a new right, but rather incorporating into the Constitution the
    concept of protection as understood in the classical tradition. The debates
    in the Thirty-Ninth Congress over the Fourteenth Amendment and
    the Civil Rights Act of 1866 confirm that the constitutional right to
    protection was understood to include protection against private violence.”

  34. Chris W.

    It’s time for Barry to go! No sane person would want this for their City and Megan Barry, who is not even from Tennessee, much less Nashville, seems dead set on destroying our way of life here! Definitely past time for her to go! BTW…. What happen to common sense? How is this even up for a vote with all that’s happened and still going on in the world? Just crazy!

  35. Bill Hobbs

    Better line of attack on the proposed ordinance is this: The Nashville city council does not have the authority under the state constitution to tell the Davidson County sheriff how to run his jail. He is an elected constitutional officer. He does not work for the mayor or the city council. He works for the people who elected him, under the authority of the state constitution. And the good news is, Sheriff Daron Hall knows this.

    1. Bobby F

      Sheriff Hall stand your grounds. The people that voted for you has your back.

  36. Focusforfun

    Nashville’s charter is granted by the State of Tennessee and is contingent on following state law.

    Representatives of the state legislature have not been shy about what will happen to Nashville’s housing, transportation, and other subsidies.

    Mendes and Sledge appear to be shills for TIRRC, with the Mayor running interference.

    When Davidson County house and condo owners see their property values drop and crime rates go up, they’ll be singing a different tune, and someone’s going to be sacrificed–deservedly so.

  37. Raymond Heim

    You are out of your mind these people who refuse to assimilate with the American culture will Destroy Nashville an our Greatest Country Music Heritage. Poor Dolly Wood it will be destroyed

  38. Sylvia Hix

    Good question, Bruce! How does this benefit residents of Nashville?

  39. Susan

    Absolutely ignorant. This needs to be stopped before it really starts. I don’t know who Mayor Berry thinks she is, but she is not all powerful. Let’s get this shut down now.

  40. Bruce

    I think what we really have to ask Mayor Berry is…How does this benefit the current residents of Nashville?

  41. Jay Chamness

    Oh yea

    41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

  42. Jay Chamness

    Matthew 25

    32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:
    33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.
    34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

    Why would anyone want to be on the left?

  43. Ed

    To Hades with Nashville and it’s anti American city counsel. I can easily route my way around it and it can join New Orleans as cities I will not spend money in. Today’s country music sucks anyway.

  44. Nancy Sanders

    How about the provision in this bill that says no Metro agency may inquire about a person’s immigration status? Does that mean that illegal immigrants get taxpayer benefits because no one can check whether they’re entitled to them or not? In case you haven’t heard, there’s a big debate going on in Massachusetts right now, because a number of illegal immigrants are getting public housing because state officials won’t ask about immigration status. They’re getting housing while citizens are on a years-long wait list.

    People can disagree about whether the government should be giving housing benefits at all, but I think most would agree that our own citizens shouldn’t be sleeping on the streets while people who have no right to be in the country get housed at taxpayer expense.

    1. Bob

      Veterans that fought for your freedom are homeless on the streets of Nashville and Mayor berry does nothing.

  45. Tiff Williams

    We just came bsck from Nashville a few weeks ago and we Will he back! Great city! ????

    1. Jay

      Really? Did you go over to Antioch?

  46. Nashville…..a sanctuary city?
    I don’t pretend to understand those who choose to harbor and protect illegal aliens who have also committed crimes in our cities and states. It frightens me that fellow Americans would risk the lives and property of other citizens on behalf of known criminal individuals. It simply makes no sense to me. If the criminals, thus protected, could be guaranteed to remain within the city limits of Nashville, I might feel better, but it would still place lawful citizens at some risk. The knowledge they can travel anywhere and harm anyone should raise alarms. Where is our legislature? Where is our supposed Republican majority in all of this? Where are the myriad of elected officials across the state who are forcefully speaking out against this travesty? Their silence is deafening. Nashville’s liberal policies place each of us in danger. I’m waiting to see what our “in-state” politicians do with this. Corker and Alexander are both wastes so I expect nothing helpful from either of them. I hope the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security “hammers” Nashville………

  47. Bill Hobbs

    By the way, immigration infractions are civil matters and do not rise to the level of probable cause needed for a criminal detention. Being in the U.S. without permission is a civil infraction. You can not be jailed for it. You can only be jailed if you are deported and then return. I fail to see how any pro-Constitution conservative or libertarian could support the federal government ordering states to lock up people for whom the federal government has not provided a warrant and probable cause to believe that a crime has occurred.

    1. Dr. Freedom

      It’s not very forthcoming to lump improper entry and unlawful presence together under the blanket term of “immigration infractions”. Improper entry is most definitely a criminal offense and should therefore be enforced as such.

      1. Bill Hobbs

        “Improper entry” is not a crime that is able to be committed in or occur in Tennessee. The crime of improper entry can only happen at the border, of which there is precisely zero inches of border in Tennessee. Further, a person can only be charged with improper entry if they are WITNESSED doing it. For the hundreds of thousands of people illegally in the U.S. who came here on legal visas and then overstayed their visas, they did not commit the crime of improper entry, only unlawful presence.

        1. Bill Hobbs

          So, essentially, Dr. Freedom, you want the federal government to compel Tennessee to jail without warrants people whom the federal government might believe committed “improper entry,” a crime it is impossible to commit in Tennessee and, therefore, can not be prosecuted in Tennessee . Do you even Constitution bro?

  48. Bill Hobbs

    Where in the U.S. Constitution does the federal government get the power to compel states to house federal prisoners?

  49. Barry

    Topping the list of problems Nashville has, probably second to traffic would be crime. She had no clue how to deal with the first and her plan for the second is to throw in with the criminals and tell them if you don’t like laws then they don’t apply to you. Rob and murder all you want, you’re entitled.

    1. Bob

      Barry, Do you really believe Nashville has a plan that will solve traffic problems? I suggest that you just look at other cities that have had unbridled growth so that you can see that it is not possible. I am confident that Nashville does not and will not have any better ideas that have already been proven inadequate. Dollars will be poured into study after study that result in the same old solutions that do not work. Then literally billions of dollars will be spent on projects that exceed budget by multiple times, that are years late in completion and tie up traffic the whole time. I point you to Houston and Atlanta for a couple of prime examples.

  50. Detainers aren’t warrants. If ICE issues a warrant, Metro will hold the prisoner. The 4th Amendment to the Constitution requires warrants. Numerous federal courts have said detainers issued by ICE are at least in part unconstitutional , and are not legally binding. In effect, they are a request, only. I fail to understand why conservatives insist on our Second Amendment rights but don’t mind it when government violates some people’s 4th Amendment rights. If you support cities honoring ICE detainers, you support holding people without a warrant. You don’t support the whole Constitution, just the parts that you like.

    1. yvonne Jones

      I I came legal to this Country I want you to pay me my $10.000 back I had to pay to come here….

    2. Bill

      OUR CONSTITTION only applies to US Citizens.

      1. Bill Hobbs

        False. Our Constitution applies to the government. It bars the government from doing certain things and requires the government to do other things, like respect the rights of people that are enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Nothing in the Bill of Rights limits those rights to U.S. citizens. The Constitution protects all people who are within the jurisdiction covered by the Constitution (that place called “America.”), even if they are here illegally.

    3. Richard

      Because illegal immigrants don’t have constitutional rights in America. We are not violating the south amendment rights of any Americans. Why do you care so much about someone who has spit in the face of American laws?

      1. Bill Hobbs

        Immigrants, legal and illegal, do have constitutional rights. You’re just wrong about that.

    4. Wolf Woman

      The detainers are issued to illegal aliens who committed a crime other than entering our country illegally. So now they’ve committed two crimes on U.S. soil.

      The Fourth Amendment protects people from unlawful searches and seizures. This means that the police can’t search you or your house without a warrant or probable cause. To me, two offenses sounds like probable cause to detain the illegals.

      So why don’t our elected officials think about our right as law abiding citizens to have protection, to have a safe city (sanctuary) to live in and not force us to live in a city where people who have broken U.S. laws and have a good possibility to breaking more can live on our dime? What do you think Bob?

    5. Beebop

      I don’t think ILLEGAL immigrants are covered by the 4th amendment, am I wrong?

    6. Ron E McFadden

      I support detaining anyone who has come here illegally and knowingly broke the law by sneaking in to a country/city. Just think of all the money that the city will be saving. If this legislation passes there will be an influx of people clamoring for services that the city will be obliged to furnish. Nashville will have to then raise taxes to support all of the illegals and are you willing to pay for someone else to have a free ride?

    7. Brent

      “I fail to understand why conservatives insist on our Second Amendment rights but don’t mind it when government violates some people’s 4th Amendment rights.”

      Because ILLEGAL aliens DO NOT have Constitutional rights.

  51. Sharon Wingo

    Nashville has been a propsperous growing city & a number one tourist destination. If this passes, and it becomes, not only a sanctuary city but the most liberal one in the nation, Nashville can kiss all of that goodbye. It will become just like SAN Francisco. This is Progressive Socialism backed & funded by George Soros who won’t be happy till he brings America down one city at a time.

    1. Bob

      jOin us in the court fight.

      1. Dede

        That’s the only way. Fight, people!!! Don’t let this happen!

    2. Liberty

      Bankrupt aren’t they?
      If the liberals get their way Nashville will become another Detroit. That is Soros dream; the downfall of America one city at a time.

  52. Sara Anglin

    How did Nashvillians get themselves in this cesspool?

    1. Jay

      They were lied to by Demonrats

    2. Fred Cope

      Simple. The Republican State Party has conceded Nashville and Memphis to the Democrats. VOnly the two largest voting blocks in the State. Find well know and honorable CONSERVATIVE business men/women willing to run our city with the same competence and integrity they showed in their business. There are very capable men like Lee Beaman in this town. I do not know his politics but I know his integrity. He is not alone. We are.

  53. Chris

    This is about securing future liberal votes and changing the voting demographics of a city for many years. This is her way of trying not to be a one term mayor.

    1. Chris

      Liberals have been flooding into Nashville for the last two years at a breakneck pace! It’s their plan to seed cities all across the nation with enough liberals as to change the demographics of the country until we’re all deleted and are socially engineered to think the way they want us to! It’s an invasion and is like islams cultural Jihad! Sickening!!!

    2. Fred Cope

      If only ALL VOTERS SEE WHAT YOU SEE, we could stop this bus before someone gets killed .This what comes from putting a LIBERAL in the MAYOR’S CHAIR. NASHVILLE NEEDS CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP!

  54. Jay

    Here is what I got back from the Governors office when I ask about this:

    Dear Jay:

    Thank you for your message to Governor Haslam.

    In 2009, legislation was passed by the General Assembly that says a local official or entity shall not adopt any ordinance or policy that prohibits compliance with all applicable federal laws pertaining to immigration. Officials are also prohibited from interfering with the enforcement of these laws. A person who believes this law has been violated may seek relief in Chancery Court.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to write.

    Best regards,

    Don Johnson | Director, Constituent Services & Community Relations
    Office of Governor Bill Haslam

    1. Dennis Bagwell

      Here’s the TN Code Annotated: Title 7 Consolidated Governments and Local Governmental Functions and Entities
      Local Government Functions
      Chapter 68 Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws

      Tenn. Code Ann. § 7-68-103 (2017)

      7-68-103. Adoption of ordinances or policies prohibiting compliance with federal law pertaining to illegal residents forbidden — Interference with compliance prohibited.

      (a) A local governmental entity or official shall not adopt any ordinance or written policy that expressly prohibits a local governmental entity, official or employee from complying with applicable federal law pertaining to persons who reside within the state illegally.

      (b) An official shall not materially interfere with the ability of a local governmental entity, official or employee of a municipality or a county to comply with applicable federal law pertaining to persons who reside within the state illegally.

      HISTORY: Acts 2009, ch. 447, § 1.

  55. Don Jones

    I was planning a trip to Nashville this year because we have never been there, well I can’t stand San Francisco so Nashville is OFF MY LIST

    1. Bill Hobbs

      Good. We’re klnd of overrun with tourists as it is. 😉

      1. Bob

        Seriously? Report that on Channel 4

      2. Lee

        Your nuts!!! Tennessee thrives on tourism. Nashville is making a HUGE mistake.

  56. Jay

    The visitor center is being ask about this ask we speak. Mayor Berry has a disdain for the music industry that built this town. She is practicing the same things that is destroying the Ca economy here in Nashville. Your tax dollars at work.

    1. Chief

      CA has the 5th largest economy in the world. Not sure where you’re going with that comment.

      1. Chris

        And it’s in the toilet!

      2. Bob

        And California is deeply in debt.

      3. Lisa Wade

        Actually, it has the 6th largest economy but they are struggling, unless the press is lying about that. LOL

      4. Bruce

        It’s being bailed out with Federal dollars idiot.

      5. Irrelevant statistic. That’s based on population, not efficiency.

  57. Cherry Walker

    My family and friends meet twice a year in Nashville for music and fun. If they do this stupid thing, there goes about 40 regular tourists that won’t ever return.

  58. Cherry Walker

    Once they kill the tourist industry then they can say “We showed Trump!”. Liberals are toxic wastes!

    1. m.shane rushing


  59. Bob

    Do they practice baseball anywhere?

  60. Jay

    wait wait wait, Doesn’t; Tennessee as a state have laws against sanctuary cities?

    1. Jeff frey

      When has a law stopped a liberal?

    2. Rob

      If these two ordinances pass then Mayor Barry and the Metro Council will be in violation of Tennessee Public Chapter 447.
      Section 7-68-103

    3. Jean

      Unfortunately Mayor Dingleberry thinks she can do what she wants. Nashville is going down fast. Time to send her back to her birth state California she will fit in just fine there,and she can take the council members who vote for for this with her.

  61. Padge

    I left Nashville in 2010…looks like I made a wise decision…what’s wrong with the city counsel…Good luck with all of that…

  62. Jim Forsythe

    If Soros’ finger prints are on anything, we know it is evil. He is one of the most evil people in the world. Only a total fool would support sanctuary cities encouraging people to brake our laws.

  63. Patricia Hall

    Not in my lifetime!!!

  64. Bob

    I never cease to be amazed at how far down the toilet Nashville has gone in such a short period of time. The council members remind me of a all of the circus clowns that would climb out of a very small car….. Except the clowns were funny. Just another reason to avoid going there.

    1. Ken

      Follow the $$$$

    2. Johanna

      You think it’s bad now, if this vote passes is really going to go down hill, every illegal criminal will flee here so they can keep doing what they are doing, not to mention the muslims it will draw, and we’ve all seen what the other states and countries are going through, basically anywhere they go destruction and crime follows.
      Everyone needs to call the mayors office and congressmen and let them know that this bill is a no go, or they’ll be voted out!

    3. Lorine Dailey

      And this is why I do not spend my hard earned AMERICAN money in Nashville….booooo Nashville.

    4. Shafawn

      I agree. So appalling.