1.4 Million Illegal Immigrants Working Under Stolen Social Security Numbers: Audit


Most illegal immigrants who pay taxes have stolen someone else’s legal identity, and the IRS doesn’t do a very good job of letting those American citizens and illegal immigrants know they’re being impersonated, the tax agency’s inspector general said in a new report released Thursday. The theft creates major problems for the American citizens and legal…

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2 Thoughts to “1.4 Million Illegal Immigrants Working Under Stolen Social Security Numbers: Audit”

  1. Monica

    Years ago, in the early 2000’s, we had someone leave our workplace to move to Florida. She said she could make more money selling social security numbers and ID’S. She finally was caught.

  2. VJ

    This is not just a recent practice. In the 1990’s I was a software consultant called in to a firm in Southern California which made lawn sprinklers. They had about 700 employees and I created a program for the HR department to automate the process to let employees selecte and sign up for health insurance for themselves and dependents. As part of the process, I ran a duplicate check on the social security numbers of employees AND their dependents to ensure the underlying data had no problems. I found several hundred duplicates. It turned out most of the assembly line workers were Mexican and since their kids had no social security numbers, they just used theirs for the kids and the stupid HR people didn’t verify the numbers. I finished the program and left, and I never found out what they did about the duplicate numbers.