Beau Davidson: We Are Blessed

Tennessee Star
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Nearly every American was affected in some way by the shooting in Alexandria, in which a disgruntled man tried to take the lives of a number of Congressman practicing for a friendly baseball game- an event that may very well be the only sign of partisan friendship we have seen in recent days.

As Nashville singer/songwriter Beau Davidson watched President Trump deliver his remarks, he touched on words and themes that were so similar to a composition that he wrote in 2012 called “Blessed.” The President talked about how we are a blessed nation- one that lives in peace, for the most part, thanks to our unique liberty. He also talked about the bravery of the Capitol Police, which echoes lyrics of mine such as “What is courage? What is honor? Are these words or just ideals long forgotten?”

After hearing the President deliver his remarks, Beau Davidson put together a video that would encompass this message of unity, along with sober images of the baseball field and first responders, accompanied by “Blessed,” to complement the President’s remarks.  You can watch it here.

As you will see, music has a transnational and unifying capability, in ways that words, speeches, or images fall short. We all connect with music, and in my experience, “Blessed” has reached young, old, Republican, Democrat, man, and woman, and no matter our affiliations, this can be one of those unifying moments where we see an attack on one as an attack on us all- where civility must prevail.

Please share Beau’s video with your friends and family.  If we don’t acknowledge our blessings, we may take our unique American ways and liberties for granted. While tragedy should never be the only reason we come together, it is in these moments where humanity prevails above discord.

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Bethany Bowman is a follower of country music and the entertainment writer for the Tennessee Star.

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