63 Members of Tennessee House of Representatives Object to Passage of Nashville’s Proposed Sanctuary City Ordinance

Tennessee Star


Sixty-three members of the 99 member Tennessee House of Representatives, all Republicans, released a statement opposing the passage of a proposed sanctuary city ordinance by Metro Nashville Council.

“With the Second Reading of the Ordinances filed by Metro Councilmen Bob Mendes and Colby Sledge having passed and a vote pending from the Metro Council, we are compelled to make public the intent and purposes of this Ordinance and to make it known that as Representatives of the State of Tennessee, we soundly object to their passage. Tennessee is currently being represented by the Thomas More Law Center in a lawsuit questioning the ongoing practice of settling refugees in Tennessee through various non-governmental organizations without the proper vetting, channels or protocol being followed,” State Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma), State Rep. Bryan Terry (R-Murfreesboro), and State Rep. Sheila Butt (R-Columbia) said in a statement released on Monday from Matheny’s office:

The Ordinances would formally put policies in place that would officially make Nashville a Sanctuary City.

In essence, the Ordinances would:

1) Prohibit Metro Nashville employees from inquiring into anyone’s immigration status, effectively enabling illegal aliens to access public benefits they would otherwise be barred from using. This practice is not in line with State and Federal law and would a huge financial strain on our public benefit services and budgets.

2) Prohibit Metro Council from continuing a contractual arrangement with the U.S. Marshals Service that enables the Davidson County jail to detain illegal criminal aliens for ICE pick-up, and would “require Metro to exercise its rights to terminate the contract, and negotiate new terms subject to Council approval.” The Council could decide not to renew any contract that allows for compliance with ICE detainers.
While other states list crimes (generally those with acts of violence involving a weapon, anything involving terror, or any major drug offenses to name a few) that trigger cooperation with ICE detainers leading to deportation, the Metro Ordinance of Mendes would allow illegal immigrants who commit all types of crimes, without exception, to be released back into our communities instead of facing possible deportation by ICE.

Tennessee Code Annotated Section 7-68-103 states:

(a) A local governmental entity or official shall not adopt any ordinance or written policy that expressly prohibits a local governmental entity, official, or employee from complying with applicable federal law pertaining to persons that reside within the state illegally.

(b) An official shall not materially interfere with the ability of a local governmental entity, official or employee of a municipality or a county to comply with applicable federal law pertaining to persons that reside within the state illegally.

These proposed ordinances would be a clear violation of Tennessee law and it is our intent as legislators to protect the safety of all Tennesseans to the greatest extent. After the murder of Kate Steinle in California by an illegal immigrant who had already been convicted of seven felonies and deported five times, we should be actively encouraging our law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration authorities involving illegal aliens who commit crimes.

The proposed Ordinances are in violation of current law and place Tennesseans at risk. The citizens of Nashville and Metro Davidson County should contact their Councilmen immediately and request that their respective Representatives vote NO on these two Ordinances. If these Ordinances should pass it may empower additional liberal enclaves to follow suit. It is important for Tennessee to take the lead in resolving this issue now.

“It is entrusted to the General Assembly to keep the citizens of our state safe, keep Tennessee financially sound, and to enact laws that will accomplish that end. We will not hesitate to act if these Ordinances should pass,” the statement continued.

“The following members of the TN General Assembly implore you NOT to pass this ordinance,” the statement concluded:

Representatives David Alexander, Sheila Butt, David Byrd, Kent Calfee, Dale Carr, Mike Carter, Glen Casada, Jim Coley, Michael Curcio, Martin Daniel, Barry Doss, Bill Dunn, Jimmy Eldridge, Jeremy Faison, Andy Farmer, John Forgety, Ron Gant, Tilman Goins, Marc Gravitt, Curtis Halford, Speaker Beth Harwell, David Hawk, Gary Hicks, Matthew Hill, Timothy Hill, John B. Holsclaw, Jr., Andy Holt, Dan Howell, Bud Hulsey, Curtis Johnson, Roger Kane, Kelly Keisling, Sabi Kumar, William Lamberth, Mary Littleton, Ron Lollar, Pat Marsh, Judd Matheny, Jimmy Matlock, Debra Moody, Mark Pody, Dennis Powers, John Ragan, Jay Reedy, Courtney Rogers, Tim Rudd, Bill Sanderson, Charles Sargent, Cameron Sexton, Jerry Sexton, Paul Sherrell, Eddie Smith, Mike Sparks, Art Swann, Bryan Terry, Rick Tillis, Ron Travis, Micah Van Huss, Terri Lynn Weaver, Dawn White, Sam Whitson, Tim Wirgau, Jason Zachary

On Friday, speaking to the Cannon County Republican Party Reagan Day Dinner, Matheny promised “to orchestrate a massive response to Davidson County’s attempt at embracing sanctuary city status.”



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38 Thoughts to “63 Members of Tennessee House of Representatives Object to Passage of Nashville’s Proposed Sanctuary City Ordinance”

  1. charles quinn

    Liberals are like CANCER they moved from the NORTH to Here and other Fine southern CONSERVATIVE towns and spread their venom and . Slowly take over a community hear and there and pretty soon they will have the whole state. I saw it happen and thankfully I am no longer living there. Those of that still have good sense had better get involved and. Remember all unions are liberal That includes the ones teaching your children . WAKE UP OR YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN WILL LIVE IN HARD TIMES !!!!!!

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  4. Yorkees1

    Impeachment CAN be called on her, we need to find the politicians who WOULD stand up and be counted, to start impeachment proceedings.

    1. Phil Dedrick

      No such thing as impeachment, it is called a Recall…

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  6. Michael Richardson

    People if you want to control your county and your district feel free to do do. You would not like it If people from out of your are tried to pass legislation that affected your town. That is the way we feel in Nashville! You do not live here, you do not get to vote for what goes on here! In the post I read don’t visit either. We will make it just fine without you. You do not have the right to control the entire state. Get used to it!!!! Nashville Native

    1. Joe Hampton

      “We” feel? Who are you, that you can speak for all of Nashville?

    2. Phil Dedrick

      When a city is wanting to break already state/federal laws in the books, then it becomes a statewide problem…

    3. Mike Plunkett

      Don’t forget you live in a state called Tennessee, and a country called America. You and your town are required to follow national federal law, and state law. Federal law Trump’s state law, state and federal law Trump’s city city codes and ordinances.
      Laws by cities and codes may enhance those laws but are not able to diminish or ignore the laws of our land.

    4. Mike

      Michael, Please think about the long-term broader impact on the State. Davidson County is the rudder for this passenger ship we call home – Tennessee!

  7. Ms. Sonshine

    Don’t let the crazy liberals destroy Nashville. The liberals are destroying CA. You don’t want TN to become like CA.

  8. Elizabeth

    This, making Nashville a sanctuary city, will do nothing but hurt the city in so many ways. You can count on your tourism dollars drying up. We don’t want to travel to a place where we feel we aren’t safe. My husband & I love spending time in Nashville, but if they do become a sanctuary city, I will not be back. I’ll have to find somewhere else to shop at, watch hockey, concerts, football… well, you get the idea.

  9. Phil Dedrick

    99 members make up the lower chamber of the Tennessee General Assembly…Democratic Party (25) & Republican Party (74)…My question is there are 63 on this list, where are the other 11 republicans??? All republicans should be signing on..

  10. James Hartman

    comply with federal law and our constitution or hit the bricks ! NO EXCEPTIONS

  11. […] Tennessee Star reported Monday that fully 63 of the 99 State Representatives signed a letter opposing the Metro Nashville Council’s ordinance […]

  12. Hudson

    The State Legislature needs to criminalize the drafting, adoption, or implementation of any such “Sanctuary City” ordinance for any politician supporting to adoption. Make it a Felony offense to violate explicit Federal and State immigration laws; so these activist Mayors, Sheriffs, and Council members cannot retain office and must serve hard time. If we the Citizens can be punished for breaking explicit law, these Progressive politicians need to not only be punished – but barred from voting in this State again via Felony disfranchisement.

    1. Yorkees1


  13. Clarence Dailey

    I don’t even understand how a city can just decide that they’re going to stop following federal laws and criminal law I don’t see the reason why anyone would even want to do that what is the actual advantage of it.. I don’t expect that I can get away with breaking federal and state laws without being incarcerated state laws without being incarcerated

  14. Steven masone

    You need to recall her if you have the legal mechanism to do so.

  15. Sanctioning of sanctuary cities is suicidal to any community and its citizenry!

  16. […] On Monday, “Sixty-three members of the 99 member Tennessee House of Representatives, all Republicans, released a statement opposing the passage of a proposed sanctuary city ordinance by Metro Nashville Council,” the Star reported. […]

  17. […] Monday afternoon, the office of State Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma) released a statement prepared by Matheny, State Rep. Bryan Terry (R-Murfreesoboro) and State Rep. Sheila Butt […]

  18. Mary

    Impeach Mayor Berry. We do Not want a sanctuary city.

    1. James Rogers

      We can’t. Most of the city council stands firmly behind her.

      1. Sue Champaign

        That’s a fact! And when I contacted my Represenntative, she would not budge, and in fact, VERY condescendingly asked me if I knew what a Sanctuary City is! When I assured her I did, she said,”Well then, what is it”? I proceeded to tell her. She then told me “We aren’t breaking any laws, and really nothing changes” from what we currently sre doing. I then said I could see I wasn’t going to get snywhere with her! So I told her to have a nice day. thanked her for her time, and hung up.. It was Council Woman Mena Johnson from the 23rd District, (Bellevue),whose Crime Rate has already substantially increased in the Old Hickory Blvd. area!

        1. mishelle perkins

          Who the heck is your representative?

      2. robert j legans

        Is there a law against doing recalls if not start working on recalling all that is for this.

    2. Joanelle

      Amen!!! She’s about as far left as you can get!!! She’s ruining the quaintness of Nashville along with the other greedy people!!! Why should this surprise anyone? Davidson County was the ONLY county in the state that voted Democratic. That’s because it has allowed to be taken over by foreigners!!!

  19. Geoff

    I live rural, two countries out. Took my grandkids to Oprymills mall. Quite an experience. Seems like the non English speaking were about even numbered with the English speaking. So glad you are able to have this experience but please, if you must, keep it in Davidson county. The state as a whole wants no part of this.

  20. Linda vaughn

    We need to get rid of Megan berry and haslam

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  22. David Fowlkes

    I am a Nashville native – living here now. However, I totally agree that funding should stop immediately should we become a Sanctuary city. I am ashamed that our leaders are even considering this option!! We must not support illegal activities.

  23. Joe M

    How? Nashville Citizens need to know productive ways they can stop this. Every time we raise the question, someone says we can give money to this or that organization. I don’t have the money to give, thanks in part to the already overwhelming immigrant population in Nashville. I also can not afford to work for free. How can we realistically make our voices heard?

  24. Ctschris766

    Get rid of the liberal trash Mayor now. She seems to think her priorities are above this state and the law. Time to stop the liberal insanity in TN.

    1. Ronnie

      I agree, get her out

  25. Bruce