The Soft-Spot in Trump’s Immigration Shift: Workplace Raids

Although President Donald Trump’s administration has presided over a sharp decline in illegal border crossings and taken the shackles off of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, it apparently has done little to crack down on businesses that hire illegal immigrants. ICE officials said they did not have statistics for the current fiscal year on job site…

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One Thought to “The Soft-Spot in Trump’s Immigration Shift: Workplace Raids”

  1. lb

    This is past time to happen. I would love for ICE to swoop into Nashville and target the Construction companies, Landscapers, Agriculture, Hospitality and Fast Food places. There should be an immediate detaining and deporting of anyone found working illegally-no “hearing” needed. Then each Employer should be fined a massive amount PER person employed and put on probation subject to ICE raids multiple times a year for 10 years thereafter. Remove the magnets, the illegals remove themselves.