Challenger Jeremy Hayes Calls Out State Rep. Susan Lynn’s Failure to Oppose Nashville’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Ordinance

Tennessee Star


The Tennessee Star reported Monday that fully 63 of the 99 State Representatives signed a letter opposing the Metro Nashville Council’s ordinance proposal, BL2017-739, to make Music City a criminal-friendly ‘sanctuary city.’

One of the names missing from the letter was Representative Susan Lynn, and challenger Jeremy Hayes noticed.

“I am extremely disheartened, but not surprised that my opponent did not feel the need to sign the letter, with the sixty-three other representatives, informing the Metro Council this bill will not be accepted. Bills like this are illegal, thanks to laws that Joe Carr sponsored, and even metro council’s attorney, John Cooper, has said that the bill cannot be enforced” said Hayes in a statement.

He added:

This is the reason I am running for office, because my opponent has sold out to special interest groups, and no longer cares about representing our district, even when our families are at risk. I am sure that once she see’s not speaking out against the “Sanctuary City” bill is politically damaging she will be motivated to act, but we need leadership in our district, not someone who has to judge the political tides before they say something. When elected I will fight to protect our families and will never remain silent on an issue like this.

Jeremy Hayes is running for State Representative District 57 and cites the main reasons for running are to help families who are struggling because of establishment politicians and special interest groups benefiting from back room deals while hurting the public, the gas tax, and to protect the children.



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