Gubernatorial Candidate Mae Beavers Proud of 63 GOP House Members Who Expressed Opposition to Nashville Sanctuary City Ordinance

Tennessee Star
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“I am proud of Representatives Judd Matheny, Bryan Terry, Sheila Butt, and the other 60 Republican State House members who expressed their opposition to the proposed Sanctuary City plan for Nashville that is headed towards a final vote on July 6,” State Senator Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet), an announced candidate for the Republican nomination for governor, told The Tennessee Star Monday evening.

“I hope the remaining House Republican caucus members will immediately add their names to the letter and that House Democrats will also speak up against Mayor Barry’s embrace and endorsement of illegal activity that threatens the safety and security of our state,” Beavers added.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate then made her own significant announcement.

“I plan to circulate the same letter among ALL my Senate colleagues and hope we can show the same sort of leadership the House Republicans have demonstrated in denouncing the illegal scheme that Nashville’s Metro Council is pursuing,” Beavers said.

“It is time for the Democrats to join us in opposing a plan that puts Tennesseans at continued risk of both losing their jobs AND the security we all want for our families. It is impossible to condone illegal activity and also expect our community to respect our laws. Promoting and preserving illegal behavior leads directly to lawlessness, and we cannot tolerate either,” she concluded.

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