Dan Walker, Candidate for State Rep. in 57th District: ‘I Stand Alongside Every Elected Official at the Local or State Level Who Opposes Nashville’s Proposed Sanctuary City’

Dan Walker, a candidate for State Representative in the 57th District, which is currently represented by State Rep. Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet), released a statement on the proposed Nashville sanctuary city ordinance to The Tennessee Star late Tuesday.

“As a candidate for State Representative of the 57th District I stand alongside every elected official at the local or state level who opposes Nashville’s proposed sanctuary city ordinance. This needs to be a united fight and together it will be defeated,” Walker said.

“I will fight against this legislation, which ties the hands of the local law enforcement officials to incarcerate illegals who have an outstanding felony,” Walker added:

This will cause Nashville and surrounding cities to be a safe haven for illegal immigrant crime activity. We the people need to stand together to keep the Metro Nashville area protected from any further crime and drug activity. It is important to keep our state’s capital city and tourism base secure.

Real leadership is needed in Nashville on Capitol Hill. As a military veteran, I signed an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect my country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. With your vote I will take this fight to the legislature to protect all citizens from injustice like this.

Earlier on Tuesday, Jeremy Hayes, another candidate for State Rep. in the 57 District, issued a statement criticizing State Rep. Susan Lynn for failing to sign the letter opposing the Nashville sanctuary city ordinance signed by 63 of her colleagues on Monday.

Late Tuesday, State Rep. Lynn provided a statement to The Tennessee Star that she and State Rep. Kevin Brooks, neither of whom signed Monday’s letter, also opposed the proposed Nashville sanctuary city ordinance.

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