Former FBI Agent: Deep State Exists and is Trying to Bring Down Trump


Fifteen years ago, I would have suggested a tinfoil hat for anyone who believed in the deep state. But recent events have made me rethink my diagnosis. The term “deep state” intimates a conspiracy somewhere in the woodshed. But it’s basically two or more people who get together and agree on something bad. In the case…

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2 Thoughts to “Former FBI Agent: Deep State Exists and is Trying to Bring Down Trump”

  1. Jim Forsythe

    Deep State is a bunch of sick, ignorant people who want to destroy our governments, State and Federal. They are supported by George Soros and a lot of fools who do not know what they are doing.

  2. Horatio Bunce

    “Fact: Our media have become part of the deep state. ”

    Here’s a fact for “retired” federal government employee Ligato: The US Congress finally legislated the propaganda foisted on the American people (just like we do to the rest of the world with programs like Voice of America) via the US “media” and government sponsored spy machine internet social media like U-tube, twitter and fakebook. Therefore it is currently US law that we are paying taxes for the US government to lie to us. They just don’t go to the trouble to tell us which news is fake – and they never have.

    Victim – The American People

    Analysis: As an FBI spook, you also cannot be trusted. As a marine that took an oath to defend the US Constitution against domestic enemies, don’t pretend this stuff just started in the last five years. Where were you for Operation Northwoods? Why didn’t any of those people go to prison?