Scary Fireworks Mishap Singes Titan’s Nissan Stadium, Everyone’s Okay


There were some tense moments toward the end of the Independence Day fireworks display at Nissan Stadium Tuesday, as at least one shell fell, landing in the upper decks before exploding, reports.

“It took place toward the end of the show,” Lansden Hill told “The shells are supposed to go off in the air, but this one came back down and didn’t go off until it landed in the upper deck.

Hill is the owner of Pyro Shows, which has been doing the fireworks show in Nashville for thirty years.

“It was just one of those things that will occasionally happen,” Hill said. “That’s why the fire code requires that we keep the crowd a certain area away from it. We know out of every 1,000 shells not all of them are going to work right.” reported:

The Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp confirmed that the damage had taken place to the stadium and that the extent of that damage was still be assessed. Personnel from the NCVC was on hand at the site around 3 p.m. Wednesday to begin assessing the damage.

The firework shell hit on the west side of the upper deck of Nissan Stadium, causing it to blow out both concrete and some seats in the area.

“Basically, a shell misfired and caused some damage. We are waiting for a structural engineering company to come in,” Monica Fawknotson, director of the Metro Sports Authority, told “They will be on site tomorrow and assess the damage and get back to us.

“Thankfully, nobody was hurt. I don’t think this is going to interrupt any events at the stadium,” Fawknotson said.

The Titans are scheduled to play their first home preseason game on Aug. 19 against the Carolina Panthers.






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