State Rep. Judd Matheny Running at Full Speed for Sixth Congressional District Seat: 500 Miles in First Week

One week after he formally announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Congress in the Sixth Congressional District, State Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma) is already running at full speed.

The August 2018 Republican primary is still more than a year off, but Matheny is not wasting a minute of his time.

On Friday, his campaign announced that in the first seven days since his announcement he has traveled more than 500 miles throughout the Sixth Congressional District.

The district is currently represented by Rep. Diane Black (R-TN-06), who is considered to be a likely candidate for the Republican nomination for governor.

When he announced on June 30, Matheny made it clear that he was running for the Sixth Congressional District seat whether or not Black chooses to run for governor.

“During my 8 terms as a TN Representative, I have learned the value and necessity of planning ahead for important decisions and missions. As a candidate for the next District 6 Congressional Leader, I will continue to work hard and communicate with the voters, for their interests,” Matheny said in a statement released by his campaign on Friday.

His statement included his very busy schedule of campaign appearances throughout the district on Friday:

8:00 AM Cannon County Courthouse – Woodbury, TN
9:00 AM Dekalb County Courthouse  – Smithville, TN
10:00 AM White County Courthouse – Sparta, TN
Noon Fentress County Courthouse – Jamestown, TN
1:00 PM Pickett County The Bobcat Den – Byrdstown, TN
2:30 PM Overton County Chamber of Commerce  – Livingston, TN
3:30 PM Clay County Courthouse – Celina, TN
4:45 PM Macon County Courthouse – Lafayette, TN
5:30 PM Trousdale County Courthouse – Hartsville, TN
6:30 PM Smith County Courthouse – Carthage, TN

So far, Matheny is the only announced candidate for the Republican nomination for the Sixth Congressional District in 2018.

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