Letter to the Editor: With Obamacare, There Is Nothing Left to Repair

Tennessee Star


Dear Tennessee Star,

There are a lot of people calling, writing and visiting our two Senators, urging them to vote against the American Health Care Act and instead, repair the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). I have news for these folks:

There is nothing left to repair.

I know it must be frustrating to see that the hallmark Democratic achievement of the last eight years has, as we predicted, collapsed under its own weight. More and more insurers are leaving the health care exchanges: in fact, of the 95 counties in Tennessee, 47 – over half – will have NO INSURER left beginning next year.

Nearly two million Americans have dropped their Obamacare coverage so far this year. Is it not bad enough to pay taxes and penalties for refusing to buy health insurance you can’t use?

Do you remember the promise that premiums for the average family would decrease by $2,500 a year? In reality, premiums for many families have doubled (or more) and are expected to increase dramatically again in the next year. Clearly, the Affordable Care Act is neither affordable, nor does it provide care.

The government, and insurance companies, need to get out of the routine health care business. Completely. Americans should be able to save money in permanent, tax-free Health Savings Accounts and pay CASH for routine doctor visits, tests and medications. Patients will seek the best care for their money: competition for patient business will compel quality of care to skyrocket, and keep costs low.

Consumers should be able to buy health insurance plans, for catastrophic care, if they want to… and do so from anywhere: the arbitrary boundaries around each state need to disappear.

I have no issue with a medical “safety net” for those who truly need it… but eligibility requirements need to be closely reviewed and revisited to prevent fraud and abuse.

For almost 200 years, America had great health care. Doctors even made house calls. Amazing medical innovations were achieved from aspirin to x-rays, antibiotics to ultrasound, all without health insurance companies or government intervention. If it worked for so long, for so many, doesn’t it make sense to combine the best practices of the past and the present to create an environment of care that works for everyone?


Lamar W.
Manchester, TN

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