Gubernatorial Candidate Mae Beavers Promises to Sign Constitutional Carry Bill, If Elected, at Wilson County GOP’s Annual Picnic

LEBANON, Tennessee–On Saturday  gubernatorial candidate State Senator Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet) told the crowd at Wilson County Republican Party’s Annual Picnic, “I will promise you one thing. If constitutional carry passes, I will sign that legislation as governor.”

“And not only that. I will work to get it through the House and Senate if I am elected,” Beavers, the featured speaker at the annual Wilson County event, said.

Signing up to win the raffle at the Wilson County Republican Party Annual Picnic in Lebanon on Saturday.

About 150 people braved the 90 degree plus heat to listen to Beavers and several other Wilson County Republican elected officials at the annual event, held this year at the farm of Ken Nelson, Jr. in Lebanon.   Beavers has represented the citizens of Wilson County, first on the County Commission, then in the House of Representatives, and now in the State Senate, since 1992.

The volunteers with the Wilson County Republican Party provided great food, as always.

None of the other announced gubernatorial candidates–Williamson County businessman Bill Lee, Knoxville businessman Randy Boyd, or Tennessee Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) were in attendance, so Beavers had her home county crowd all to herself.

Beavers did not disappoint the conservatives in attendance.

She promised that if elected, she will work to repeal the recent gas tax increase and will sign a constitutional carry bill. She also praised the Tennessee General Assembly in which she serves for suing the federal government to stop the refugee resettlement program in Tennessee.

In addition to her promise to sign constitutional carry legislation, Beavers noted that she has been a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights throughout her legislative career.

Jennifer Hamblin, State Rep. Mark Pody, State Rep. Judd Matheny and friends enjoyed the great Tennessee barbecue in the comfort of the shade provided by the big tent at the event.

“I got open carry through the Senate with 23 votes only to have it killed in a subcommittee over in the House.”

Beavers noted that former Governor Bredesen withdrew the state of Tennessee from participation in the federal refugee resettlement program.

“Then Catholic Charities comes in,  and they decide that they will contract with the federal government. Folks it’s costing us between $400 million and $500 million a year to take care of people [the refugees]. And that’s not right.  People that we don’t know who they are.  We don’t know who vetted them or whether they were vetted,” Beavers said.

“So we needed to take a stand. So the legislature this last year voted to sue the federal government over refugee resettlement. That will be coming up in the future, and I think we will be successful,” she added.

“Thank goodness that President Trump is taking care of illegal immigrants. They’re starting to track them down, especially the gangs and the ones that are committing crime,” Beavers noted.

“You know, they’re committing crimes. What don’t we understand about that? They’re illegal, they’re already committing crimes just by being here, Beavers concluded.

Tennessee State Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden and State Rep. Susan Lynn were among those in attendance.

You can hear Mae Beavers on the issue of refugee resettlement here, and on the issue of constitutional carry here.

Though no other gubernatorial candidates attended, several other local Republican politicians were present and addressed the crowd.

Wilson County Republican Party Chairman Terri Nicholson was a gracious hostess.

State Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma), who is running for the Republican nomination for the Sixth Congressional District, which includes Wilson County, spoke about his campaign and the conservative issues on which he has focused. You can here his speech here.

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN-06), who represents Wilson County and about fifteen others that comprise the Sixth Congressional District, was not in attendance, as the U.S. House of Representatives is still in session. Black is expected to announce she will run for the Republican nomination for governor in the near future.

Delicious watermelon!.

State Rep. Mark Pody (R-Lebanon), who is running for the State Senate seat Mae Beavers will not be seeking to be re-elected to in 2018, spoke of the importance of having a government that allows Christian values to thrive. You can here his speech here.

State Rep. Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet) also spoke. You can hear her speech here.



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2 Thoughts to “Gubernatorial Candidate Mae Beavers Promises to Sign Constitutional Carry Bill, If Elected, at Wilson County GOP’s Annual Picnic”

  1. Will Mae file and work a resolution to rescind all the U.S. Constitution Calls the TN Legislature passed in the last few year?

  2. charles quinn

    I would not believe a word from Mae Beavers mouth. These pro firearms bills mostly never got to the floor to be voted on. Many due to Mae Beavers allowing votes to be changed after the votes and for the record. I would trust a person with a pro 2nd amendment record. Not a record that was created by political trickery. Study their records carefully . ASK THE SPORTSMANS ASSN. WHO THEY SUPPORT. Not the just the NRA . But also the TENN. SPORTSMANS ASSN.