Knoxville Mayor Sides with Anti-Christian Group, Orders Removal of Scripture from Police Department

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us then who can be against us?”
~ Romans 8:31

After nearly a half-century – and one complaint – a plaque displaying a single verse of scripture (quoted above) at the Knoxville Police Department employee entrance will be removed, Mayor Madeline Rogero and Police Chief David Rausch announced at a press conference Monday.

As a consolation, Rogero said in a statement the piece will be moved to a new “Hall of Inspiration” at KPD’s headquarters in the Safety Building, “along with other inspirational writings from a variety of faiths and philosophers.”

In her prepared remarks, Mayor Rogero said, “We are not aware of any complaints or issues raised in recent history by KPD staff or members of the public. It has become part of KPD tradition, providing strength and comfort to our officers as they perform their daily – and often dangerous – duties.”

“I know that people both inside and outside City government are upset with this ending of a tradition,” she added. “As a person of faith, I understand and respect the passion that people feel for this issue. ”

The move is in a response to a letter by the leftist anti-Christian group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, who demanded the plaque be taken down due to alleged First Amendment violations.

The Knoxville News Sentinel obtained a copy of the letter – sent February 23 via email.

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The letter is another in a shocking series of attacks by the group, colloquially known as FFRF, who proudly tout their victories squelching the free speech of others in their website’s News section. Since January 1 of this year, the group has posted a staggering 235 statements outlining the actions they’ve taken against people and organizations across the country.

Interestingly, the capitulation by the Knoxville Mayor – who has received a fair amount of notoriety recently for heading up one of the country’s worst-run cities –  has not warranted a statement from the FFRF as of press time.

The News Sentinel reports a petition is underway to return the plaque to it’s original location:

Don Wiser, a retired KPD investigator who served for 23 years, fondly recalled the plaque being mounted after the agency moved into the Howard Baker Jr. Boulevard building in 1969.

“I believe in Jesus, and I believe that when they turn their back on Jesus that we’re going to be in bad shape,” Wiser said. “I think that, as wicked as our people are getting, I think that’s the wrong thing to do, to take that off there.”

“Jesus has made a place for us,” he continued. “But Satan’s got a place for you too, and it gets awful hot in his place. I like air conditioning awful well.”

An online petition to keep the plaque that was started early Wednesday had 222 signatures as of 11 a.m.




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38 Thoughts to “Knoxville Mayor Sides with Anti-Christian Group, Orders Removal of Scripture from Police Department”

  1. When does she go out of office? She takes the wrong side on most everything.

  2. Bill

    Is the KPD and City of Knoxville’s attorney serious? How is a Bible verse “establishing” a religion for the KPD? If the quote were from Confucius or Buddah, Ghandi or even Mao, would there have been any objection? No! KPD and the city of K would win this easily in court but this weak-spined attorney wouldn’t be the reason for a victory apparently. Fire the attorney, hire a fighter and fight this. Precedent and the 1st Amendment would be your best asset.

  3. Sarah Jordan

    When I began reading this article, I knew almost instantly without looking, that this had to be the work of Freedom From Religion! They are BULLIES and people need to call their bluff!
    Almost three years ago our small town was threatened with a lawsuit by Freedom From Religion bullies. They demanded that the nativity scene that had sat on the town square every Christmas for the past four decades, be moved. When town officials buckled at the threat, WE the people took matters into our own hands and formed a live nativity and stood on the town square every night for two weeks. What we did worked! The following Christmas, the nativity was back on the town square where it had been every year for the previous 40 years. Forget the Mayor, the people of this city need to stand up!

  4. Get her out of Office She is insane and as unAmerican as these people come she in Sedition to our laws and the Constitution of this country let alone we have enough issues with Islamics who should never been allowed by immigration law of 1952 into this country, in open on signs declaring war on America and its citizens Why is this woman not following her Oath of Office to Serve and Protect from both those who stand foreign and domestic who stand against what is right set upon this country by our founding fathers. She is a traitor to this Country along with Obama and Hillary. No wonder our country is imploding – idiots like her being elected to office. Elect me I would be better for the Office I’ll come live there.

  5. Becky Muska

    So tell me, Democrat mayor Rogero, will you force KPD to hang this “inspirational” writing in the Hall of Inspiration?
    “The first requisite for the happiness of the People is the abolition of religion.” author Karl Marx.
    Even better, mayor Rogero, install a metal newsstand at KPD to hold a stack of the FFRF’s genuine “DeBaptismal” certificates which read:

    “I, having been subjected to a Christian baptism before reaching an age of consent, or having submitted to baptism before embracing freethought and reason, hereby officially renounce that primitive rite and the Church that imposed it. I categorically reject the creeds, dogmas, and superstitions of my former religion, particularly the pernicious doctrines of ‘Original Sin’ and damnation. I further denounce as an affront and defamation to humanity the false and demeaning belief that any baby is born with ‘Original Sin’ and must be cleansed of it by baptism. From this day forward, I wish to be excluded from any claims of religious affiliation or membership based on baptismal records.”

    There’s room for the debaptized’s police officer’s name, signature and date of debaptism “in the Year of No Lord.” The certificate is signed by Dan Barker, a former ordained minister who is now co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The motto at the bottom reads, “Freedom depends upon freethinkers.”

    This should really help you get elected to another term……..

  6. Sanyi

    The United States Constitution does not state in so many words that there is a separation of church and state. The first part of the First Amendment to the Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

    This is just another vexatious and frivolous threat of ligation from haters of Christianity!

    The constitution was written to stop US States imposing a state religious denomination upon their citizens as many new Americans fled such religious persecution in England & Europe!

    In effect the litigants violate the “free exercise thereof” as no denomination is being favoured by the verse!

  7. Diedre Harmon

    If she truly were a “person of faith,” she would stand up for that faith. Jesus said, “If you deny me, I will deny you to my father.” And I am sick to death of these groups and individuals TWISTING the First Amendment. The words, “separation of church and state”, ARE NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION. And the intent is to prevent the government from establishing ONE religion and FORCING the citizens to follow it. That is EXACTLY what our founding fathers left England to get away from.

    1. DONALD green

      She should step down for this.

    2. sylvia sweet

      you are correct seperation of church and state is not there, I heard a man say that several months ago, I went over and read it, the read does not say anything about seperation of church and state as for as I could tell. Those Freedom from Religion, needs to keep their ass out of stuff, they don’t even know what they are doing or saying any way.

  8. Lee

    Oh, but if it were a verse or two from the koran that would be OK.

  9. 6.5grendel

    I will be keeping my tickets to the LSU-UT game and not attending the game. That’s money that won’t be spent in Knoxville.

  10. kermac


  11. Jama Williams

    I have a business in South Knoxville and it saddens me to see our mayor take a stand against the Christian Voice!

  12. Bob Baker, SR

    I am not a resident of Knoxville, or any other Tennessee city. However it sickens me to read of leaders of any town falling to their in abject humiliation and wring ing their hands surrender to the anti-God bigots in this country. Christians are not the bigots. We have our beliefs based on the Bible. Folks who are not willing to recognize the rights of Christians or Jews are in grave peril. I wish they would change before it is too late.

  13. Joe

    Blatant anti Christian Groups are roaming free to bash my belief but as soon as I speak out against Muslim Sharia Laws or BLM I’m a racist and don’t even get me started on Immigration!! Don’t even try to take my guns or it’s on. I will fight the the Devils with everything I’ve got.

    1. Sharon

      I wish more people felt this way..we the people who believe need to start standing up in public against this people…

      1. Joseph L. Scott


    2. Kenzie Crumb

      I agree!! I am so sick of it. It’s like us Christians are just supposed to sit down and shut up and have our rights taken away without an argument, all while every other group and religion is supposed to just be allowed to live freely. It’s like no other group or religion is under attack, except for the Christians. We are the ones being targeted. SHAME ON MAYOR ROGERO for laying down without a fight. The next petition started needs to be one to have her removed from office. She’s allowing Knoxville to become full of sin and corruption and has just opened the doors wide open to let it all flow in!! Why is we are being forced to conform with everyone else’s bullcrap, and we aren’t allowed to have a voice or an opinion!? I’m sick of it all!!

    3. Joseph L. Scott

      Amen, brother!

  14. DB

    It was called freedom OF religion, not freedom from religion. Where is the freedom of all those officers that take strength from God’ s Word? God’s Word is a sharp two-edged sword and it will accomplish the purposes of God.

  15. PR

    The gates of hell will not prevail against THE CHURCH. We pray for the salvation, healing & deliverance of those involved in The Freedom From Religion.

  16. Tammy Easter

    I agree with all comments. The mayor has a personal agenda that is sadly obvious if you have any dealings with government offices. And I feel it’s very important to fight these groups. They have already done so much damage to cities and towns in this country. But I have a question why aren’t the church’s standing up to fight? And if need be putting up the money to fight? This organization does not have near the members our Christian community has and they are winning way to much! Just take a look at the link to their website.

  17. Gary Wills

    God reins in the end. Nobody cares if Christians are offended. . Very sad.

  18. Betty

    Mayor Madeline Rogero and Police Chief David Rausc MUST GO INSTEAD!!!!
    Our state is based on Christian morals!!! Remove this anti-Christ person from office, run her out!!! You should have known what she was about when she joined all the homosexual parades!! She’s just like the leader of Canada!! She fits in well with the New World Order group…but she doesn’t fit in well with Tennessee and their agenda!!!!

    1. Betty

      Let people go instead of God!! Without Him we can do nothing!! We can replace people, but we can’t replace GOD!!! If we let go of Him, Knoxville will fall quickly!!!! The eyes of Jehovah God are watching Knoxville to see if you’re going to stand up and do what is right!!!! Stand up for the Word of God!!

      1. Poppa Joe

        AMEN!! Deny Me to others and I will deny you before My Father, which is in Heaven.

    2. Kenzie Crumb

      Agree 100%…. what a horrible person to have in such a position of power. What a weakling she is, claiming to be religious, yet she just lays down without a fight. And her support of other horrible things proves where her true intentions lay. She needs to go!!

  19. Joan

    Why was the letter cut off so you can not even see who sent it. I know the Muslim religion requires it’s members to pray 5 times a day. They also require a place to wash their feet. Does this offend this group and what action has been taken to stop this practice. Is it only Christians that offend them?

    1. sylvia i sweet

      I agree They people in Knoxville need to get rid of her fast, and put another person, that wont lean toward satI read where several states have signed that no Sharia law will be passed my state is one of those state I was so happy when I read that

  20. Jim Forsythe

    The jerk should be fired!!!

  21. Ricky

    How can you say your a christain but compermize your faith for $$.Love of money is the root of evil.Why not stand for your faith with courage.deny him infront of everyone,he will deny you in private.

  22. Tom

    Rogero, mayor of Knoxville, believes in the Constitution, in her interpretation, concerning a Bible verse on a wall that’s been there for 50 years, but she violates the law by bypassing the Federal Government and keeping the “Paris Climate” garbage in force in Knoxville. She also is a sanctuary city advocate and enforcer in Knoxville as is Chief Rausch. She thinks she “Is” the city of Knoxville. She can do whatever she pleases.

    1. Rick

      Glen Jacobs for Mayor!!!

  23. Kerry Franks

    God reigns and that mayor is a fool.She needs to put her rear end out in the line of fire for a few days.

  24. Sharon

    It’s satan’s time now and he’s taking it and running as far as he can. Ever since Christ has been removed from everywhere possible, and sin embraces, society has quickly gone downhill. Depression is up, drug use is up, alcoholism is up, theft, murder, – every thing bad is up. The compassion for people has almost dropped by the wayside – everything is me me me and me only. She is just another tool to further promote satan’s agenda.

    1. Wilbert jennings

      What those that help satan don’t know is yes satan is real but so is God and over 60% of the Bible has fullfilled itself and as time nears so will the rest. Heaven is real and so is hell, for those that choose not to believe and teach your children the same, you are condeming them to hell. I choose to release my soul into paradise when this body wears out.God will say well done my good and faithful servant welcome, while saying to the nonbeliever get away grom me for I never knew you and cast you into hell.

      1. Carl

        If she should choose another term we will offer out of town support to prevent her re-election. Politics are no longer all local.