Letter to the Editor: Don’t Let America Become Like Soviet Russia



Dear Tennessee Star,

My name is Florin. I am married, father of six and  a strong conservative Christian. I am this way for my own and personal salvation and my love for God.

Thirty years ago I’ve escaped from the former Soviet  regime where Christians were persecuted and killed. The United States of America was the only place for refuge that was known to accept Christians like me and it was also known all over the world as a Christian Country. The United States printed the Bibles in more than one hundred languages and sent out missionaries all over the world. Ever since I immigrated to America I am a fighter for religion rights which are taken away from us Christians every day by those evil groups that are turning this country upside down and destroying it from inside out.

I totally disagree with what the Knoxville mayor did. Instead of fighting for the Christian Communities in Tennessee she crashed our Bible to the ground. I am encouraging the Christians in Knoxville, TN to come out and ask for her resignation upon failure to defend the City, State and Country’s Christian Religion faith against all other atheist individuals and groups that are working to destroy the church and the American Christian Religion and faith.

I am a supporter of God’s people and ready to help if called out to support.

In God We Trust. God Bless You and God Bless America.


Florin C.
Sacramento, CA

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