Mae Beavers to Democratic Party Snowflakes: Bring It On

Tennessee Star


The Democratic Party of Davidson County picked on the wrong Republican grandmother when it attacked State Senator Mae Beavers (R- Mt. Juliet) in a press release late Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, the Republican gubernatorial candidate punched back, and her response stunned the left wing pajama boys and girls in Nashville.

Davidson County’s Democrats alleged on Friday Beavers “could be breaking federal law and violating the First Amendment by blocking some Twitter users,” according to

“If blocking hateful trolls who tweet profanity and obscene images constitutes viewpoint discrimination, then I’d be more than happy to slug it out in federal court,” Beavers said in a statement released by her campaign on Saturday that bore the headline “Beavers Responds to Offended Snowflakes.”

“Sharing opinions is a cherished constitutional right, but posting borderline pornography on someone else’s account is clearly not,” the conservative candidate for the Republican nomination for governor continued.

Beavers’ campaign noted that “On June 24th, the Davidson County Democratic Party tweeted out a photograph featuring a drag queen attempting to impersonate Beavers during ‘Nashville Pride.’ ”

LGBT advocates at a recent Nashville Pride event.

Here is the actual June 24 tweet from the official Twitter account of the Democratic Party of Davidson County:

“Beavers also noted laughingly that her head on a spike in the photograph is ‘a lot like what Kathy Griffin did to Trump,” her campaign said in the statement.

The infamous Kathy Griffin picture that backfired and caused the Secret Service to interview her.

Other conservatives around the state criticized the Democrats for their attacks on Beavers.

“There are limits on free speech, and it is bizarre for the Democrats to suggest that someone would have a right to post pornographic or offensive expression on other people’s sites. While the Democrats may support the idea that a Christian church has to allow posts and photos that are antithetical to their beliefs I doubt they would require a mosque to permit comments denigrating Mohammed. Or that the NAACP would have to allow pictures of Confederate flags to be posted on their sites,” media consultant and political analyst Steve Gill told The Tennessee Star.

“The same ones saying a public official’s Facebook page or twitter account must allow anything to be posted by critics and activists, no matter how vile, would be the first to scream objections if a public school allowed people to post Bible verses, along with pictures of Jesus and crosses, on those public sites,” Gill added.

Beavers did not back down from her long-held stance about the role of marriage in our society.

“Marriage is a biblical issue, that should be handled in the church, not the courts, and certainly not at the federal level,” she said.

“The Obergefell v. Hodges decision, which violates 31 state constitutions, as the late Justice Scalia noted at the time, lacked ‘even a thin veneer of law’ and took the court’s ‘reputation for clear thinking and sober analysis’ to the level of ‘the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie,'” Beavers concluded.

With steely rhetoric like this, it’s little wonder that Beavers is known as “The Iron Lady of Tennessee” among conservatives in the state, a title made famous by the original “Iron Lady,” the late Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990.

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2 Thoughts to “Mae Beavers to Democratic Party Snowflakes: Bring It On”

  1. Sherrie Orange

    Mae is a clear proven conservative who stands for christian values and principles, lower taxation and government regulations. It is refreshing to see a politician actually say she believes in God, country, and family and then vote those same beliefs at the capitol floor.

  2. In a day when poloticians fall all over themselves to apologize when challenged by the usual “offended parties”, we finally have a Statesman and Patriot who knows where she stands and refuses to move. An indicator of how trustworthy she will be AFTER the election.