Letter to the Editor: Republican Betrayal on Healthcare Cannot Stand


Dear Tennessee Star, 

Watching congress over the last several months I was greatly encouraged by Republicans expressing various ideas about dealing with a number of issues, including healthcare. I listened and read about multiple “factions” offering opinions and ideas. I contrasted it with the Democratic “monolith” – unyielding and solid, with no tolerance for any Democrat offering any idea or working with the Republicans in any way, shape, or form.

I was unimpressed by the docile acquiescence of Democratic Congressional and Senate members who tolerated, and in some cases celebrated, this “non-involvement” in the legislative process. I was buoyed by the raucous Republican debate, democracy in action, in spite of the consistently negative spin generated by the media. I failed to consider that several Republican members would betray us and be so foolish and blind about what was happening, and are now responsible for the failure to yield to the will of the people who elected them – believing the promises they made.

They may as well have been Democrats.

However, it has become clear we have several Republican Senators who either don’t understand the range of devastation suffered by Americans with the heavy-handed Obamacare debacle, or don’t realize the Democrats will never help them in truly fixing its many flaws. John McCain’s reason – “we need bipartisanship” – sounds noble, but is fatally flawed because the Democrats will, knowing now they can, stop any conservative idea they don’t like.

This will only leave liberal ideas: put as many people on it with subsidies as we can, with accompanying costs; expand Medicaid to include millions who would never have been eligible under its original intent and purpose, once again with accompanying costs. Both of these key liberal ideas will never be abandoned and will absolutely contribute to the false constitutional concept that healthcare is a “right.”

As the Democratic Party abandoned its base, so has the Republican Party. A long history as a Republican officeholder is no longer a guarantee of sound constitutional principles. We must be serious about those in whom we place our political trust. I absolutely do not trust the RNC. If they throw their support behind a candidate, consider that candidate very carefully. If a more conservative figure presents a possibility, evaluate them, but go with an established record wherever possible. The Senate Conservatives Fund is a great place to see establishment alternatives. The Conservative Campaign Committee is another.

Forget RNC endorsements and funding – look at our own senator, Lamar Alexander. Go for strong constitutional conservatives. That is where our efforts will bear the most fruit.


William H.
Lebanon, TN


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2 Thoughts to “Letter to the Editor: Republican Betrayal on Healthcare Cannot Stand”

  1. Ken Nelson Jr

    Very well said! Thank you for your letter!

  2. Jim Forsythe

    It is time to vote the traitors out of office. They campaign as a Republican conservative, and then move over to the Democratic liberal camp. You cannot trust them!