Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Slammed by CAIR For Calling Islam a ‘False Religion’


A Muslim group has criticized former Alabama Supreme Court Justice and current U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore for calling Islam a “false religion.”

Moore expressed his views on Islam in response to a question at a July 24 meeting of the North Jefferson County Republican Club. The question was about sharia law and whether it could become enacted in the U.S.

“False religions like Islam, who teach that ‘you must worship this way,’ are completely opposite with what our First Amendment stands for,” Moore told the Republican group at Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ in Gardendale, according to

The Alabama chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said Moore’s comments were “un-American.” The group also invited Moore to visit a mosque.

Khaula Hadeed, executive director of CAIR-Alabama, released a statement in which she cited a verse from the Koran that she said called on Muslims to respond to harmful acts with kindness.

“Statements that espouse Islamophobia and cast out fellow Alabamians, implying that they do not have the same rights under the law, are unAmerican,” she said. “We invite Judge Roy Moore to visit a mosque, meet with Alabamian Muslims, and learn about their Islamic faith and about the Muslim constituents he intends to serve as a representative. As a candidate for Senate, this is perhaps the best time for him to do so.”

CAIR is a radical advocacy group that in 2007 was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial.

Moore is known for championing conservative Christian causes and has long been a controversial figure. As a judge, he promoted courthouse displays of the Ten Commandments and insisted that the U.S. Supreme Court could not make gay marriage the law of the land. He was suspended for ordering Alabama probate judges not to issue same-sex marriage licenses. He had been removed from the bench in 2003 for defying a federal order to remove a Ten Commandments monument, but won re-election in 2012.

On July 28, the 70-year-old Moore wrote on Facebook:

Throughout my career, I’ve always taken firm stands for our Constitution, the state of Alabama, and the principles on which this nation was founded. And yes, I’ve suffered personally for taking those stands.

Knowing the outcomes, I’d still take those same stands again and again. That’s one thing every Alabama voter can count on – I will always stand and do what I said I would do, no matter the political consequences I may face.

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3 Thoughts to “Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Slammed by CAIR For Calling Islam a ‘False Religion’”

  1. Bob

    All my Bama friends are sporting this guy!

  2. Tom Thompson

    Tom Thompson
    2 August 2017
    The judge is correct. When a god requires its followers to either kill or enslave every man, woman, and child in the entire world it does not qualify as a religion.

  3. Jim Forsythe

    The judge is correct. Islam is a cult, not a religion,