Commentary: Mr. President, Steve Bannon Is Your Last Best Link With Your Base


by Staff

Steve Bannon, formerly executive chairman of Breitbart News and CEO of Donald Trump’s winning campaign for President and now President Trump’s White House Senior Advisor is the target of a vile campaign of slander for one reason and one reason only – he is an iron-willed advocate of the positions that won Donald Trump the presidency.

It was through the political and marketing genius of Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway that the anti-Trump message that Donald Trump so effectively communicated in his rallies was forged into a winning political coalition of populists and conservatives.

And it is Steve Bannon who represents the strongest and most direct link between the White House and the conservative – populist ideas and people who won Donald Trump the presidency – which is why Bannon has been under almost constant attack since the day he walked across West Exec and into his West Wing office.

So, it should really come as no surprise to anyone that as the President’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster has been attacked for retaining dozens of Obama holdovers on the National Security Council staff and for what conservatives and populists see as his dangerous advice to the President on Iran, Afghanistan and the war Islam has declared on the West, attacks on Bannon are suddenly back on the front page.

While McMaster has opposed and tried to stymie virtually every campaign promise and policy that candidate Donald Trump ran on, Steve Bannon has steadfastly hewed to the task of implementing the Trump agenda – and with notable success.

The United States is out of the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership, NAFTA is being renegotiated, job growth is up, investment in new manufacturing is up with billions being invested in new factories, immigration laws are being enforced, coal mines are reopening, illegal immigration is down, deportations are up, and a war has been declared on violent immigrant street gangs – and let’s not forget that while a million more Americans are back to work, over a million fewer Americans are on food stamps.

All of those are agenda items that visitors to Steve Bannon’s office have seen mapped-out on a white board, apparently to remind him that those are the items he should be working on every day. We wonder if others on President Trump’s senior staff have such a white board, or a record of success?

If Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush was President Steve Bannon would have been cut loose after the first negative headline.

Fortunately for America, Donald Trump is not a weakling in the Bush-Romney mold and he’s kept Steve Bannon close as his senior White House advisor and strategist.

If Donald Trump is the champion of America’s forgotten working men and women and struggling inner city families, then Steve Bannon is their Tribune.

And it is a strange state of affairs that standing fast on conservative principles, giving a voice to the voiceless and drawing attention to the forgotten among us is labeled as “hate,” but such is the twisted world of America’s post-Obama politics.

As executive chairman of Breitbart News and CEO of Donald Trump’s winning campaign for President Steve Bannon made himself one of the essential men of 21st century conservative politics, and that’s the reason he’s now the object of a vile campaign of slander intended to isolate the President by removing from his inner councils the last connection to his successful conservative – populist campaign.

Conservatives and populists should be quick to recognize the claims about Steve Bannon are fabrications, and that driving Bannon from public life is the endgame of the Left, and some in the Republican establishment as well, because he’s made conservatism again relevant to the concerns of working America, exposed the lies and smug elitism of the ruling class and in the process built a winning coalition to strip them of power.

Removing Steve Bannon from the White House staff would cut the last link between the President and his winning grassroots coalition – and send them a signal that the Swamp has won and that the Trump campaign agenda is dead.

We urge our conservative – populist friends and readers to contact the White House and let the President know that Steve Bannon’s loyal service on the White House staff has been key to keeping the winning Trump coalition together. You can call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 or contact the White House through this link or contact President Trump through Twitter at @realDonaldTrump or @POTUS


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2 Thoughts to “Commentary: Mr. President, Steve Bannon Is Your Last Best Link With Your Base”

  1. Bannon ‘has said’ ? that he submitted his resignation 2 weeks ago. Looks like he will be gone today. Sad.

  2. Becky Parrish

    Great article!