Is a Mark Green Senate Primary Challenge to Bob Corker Back on the Table?

Tennessee Star


Senator Bob Corker was greeted Friday morning with another withering rebuke by President Trump, in response to a series of criticisms hailed at the President over the past ten days, for which Corker – who is up for re-election by Trump-friendly Tennesseans next year – staunchly “stands by.”

Meanwhile, State Senator Mark Green’s (R-Clarksville) refusal to rule out a run against the struggling incumbent could signal a re-consideration to challenge Corker in the 2018 Republican primary.

“I’ve already told Senator Corker my thoughts about his comments about the President and that’s as far as I intend to go at this point,” Green told Breitbart News Friday afternoon.

Earlier this year State Senator Green was eyeing a run to replace the termed-out Governor Bill Haslam when the Trump Administration nominated him for Secretary of the Army. The move was met with the broad support of the Senate and wildly popular Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.

However, after a sustained, two-pronged attack by leftist groups against Green’s nomination using inaccurate accounts of remarks he made having to do with the so-called “bathroom bill” and the threat of radical Islam to the American way of life, he withdrew his nomination.

In early August, Green announced that he did not intend to run against Corker in 2018 based on how “everything sits right now.”

But a Tennessee Star Poll conducted among likely Tennessee Republican primary voters in June showed that Corker is extremely vulnerable. In a hypothetical one-on-one match-up, Corker and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) were in a statistical tie.

That same poll showed that President Trump is overwhelmingly popular among likely Tennessee Republican primary voters: 86 percent approved of his job performance, while only 11 percent disapproved.

State Sen. Mark Green is a medical doctor, West Point graduate, and a career military veteran with a distinguished record of service. He is an outspoken advocate for limited government, secure borders, and fiscal responsibility, and was most recently honored by the Center for Security Policy for his tireless efforts to protect Tennesseans from terrorism.




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9 Thoughts to “Is a Mark Green Senate Primary Challenge to Bob Corker Back on the Table?”

  1. […] of the Army in the Trump administration, then withdrew from consideration. There were subsequently calls from conservative activists in the state for him to consider a U.S. Senate run, but, instead, he […]

  2. Carolyn Riley

    I do hope Mark Green runs against Corker. Green surely has my vote.

  3. B J Zeagler

    Please Mark get back in the race and help clean-up Tennessee’s democrat issues. It would be a shame to have Karl Dean(D) our new Governor. I love Mae, but I am not certain she can carry the entire state.
    If some strong republican candidates won’t step up Tennessee and Nashville will be domed forever.

    1. B J Zeagler

      I was asking Mark to go back to the Governor’s race.

  4. I will not vote for ANYONE that voted For an Article V Constitutional Convention. M.Green, you voted For a ConCon. So NO!

  5. Carol Kriss

    I’ll never vote for Corker or Alexander

  6. As usual, Corker is a disgrace to the voters who had no choice but to choose between him and Harold Ford, Jr. and then once he got in office turned out to be a shorter, less masculine Susan Collins.

  7. Misty Partner

    TIL Mark Green cannot pick a task and stick with it.

    1. B J Zeagler

      Misty we don’t know the entire story as you why Mark changed his mind about Washington, but we need him more than there. Maybe he knew something changed and he wasn’t going to get it. You’re making a very strong judgement. You don’t know his heart as no one knows yours. That is personal for us all.