Corker Insists ‘I Have Not Lost Support’ in Tennessee Over Anti-Trump Statements

Tennessee Star


U. S. Senator Bob Corker was in Hendersonville Tuesday when, during a question-and-answer period following prepared remarks, he asserted he has not lost any support due to his recent onslaught of criticisms undermining his fellow Republican, President Donald Trump.

“I feel very supported in this state,” Corker told the Associated Press.

“I’m going to continue to be the independent person I am as long as I’m in public service,” he said; adding, “I think what’s what Tennesseans have come to know.”

Amid an ongoing investigation into some questionable, “too-good-to-be-true” real estate stock trades, the incumbent junior Senator has not yet announced whether or not he will run for a third term.

However, in 2012, with no serious challenger, Senator Corker didn’t not launch a re-election campaign until a mere six weeks before the August primary.

Currently, Corker is a middling performer in terms of popularity, ranking at #54 of 100 in a July poll conducted by Morning Consult. But in terms of re-election, a Tennessee Star Triton poll revealed the Senator may be ripe for an ouster.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump, who won the state in 2016 handily by 26 percentage points, continues to enjoy high approval numbers across Tennessee of over 50%.


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23 Thoughts to “Corker Insists ‘I Have Not Lost Support’ in Tennessee Over Anti-Trump Statements”

  1. […] the same time, however, Senator Corker is facing growing opposition over for his seemingly constant criticisms of President Trump, who won the state by over 25 […]

  2. charles quinn

    You lost two votes in this house . RINO !!

  3. Joe

    He was not elected to be ” an independent thinker”. He was elected to support conservative ideas. I think he’s finished.

    1. Lee

      Yes, we pray he’s on the way out. He’s made his millions off of his position so retire already and give the people a chance to vote in a real Republican conservative who understand us. Someone who is willing to work for us not get rich off of us!

  4. Charlie

    I Think the sentor needs to get out of DC and see how the ever day Tennesseans feel about the issues!

  5. Jim

    He should be repealed and replaced! He thinks that he is too big to fail.

  6. Richard Berman

    You suck
    You were never qualified to begin with

  7. Horatio Bunce

    It is true that Bailout Bob (R- Wells Fargo) did not lose my support with his recent criticism of Trump. It was lost looooong ago with his affirmation of known tax cheat Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, TARP, cash for clunkers, GM bailout, ad nauseum.

    1. Wolf Woman

      Yes, he lost me too on those issues.

  8. TB

    Corker, you got elected in the first place because you ran as a conservative. You haven’t lost any support? Oh yes, you have. I voted for you but will not be making that mistake again, believe me.

  9. lb

    Dear bobby, you lost TWO votes in our household and we will not only vote for a qualified challenger to you–a REAL Conservative, we will donate time AND money. Do yourself a favor and look for a lobbying job because you arent returning to DC any other way after 2018 election

  10. 83ragtop50

    He had already lost much of his support long before he began to criticize the President.

  11. WKT

    The Junior Senator from Tennessee actually meant to say he had not lost any support in the halls of Congress. He is still very popular in Washington. That should be enough in itself!

    1. Norman S Layne

      But congress is not who votes him back into office.

  12. Mary

    He lost my vote!

  13. dick brewster


  14. Bob

    What an idiot. He has NO supporters in TN now.

    1. Norman S Layne

      Amen brother.

  15. Sara Anglin

    We need to encourage Sen Mark Green of Clarksville to run against Corker.

  16. Stephen Tenhet

    He lost 8 votes with my family and I have yet to speak to a Republican who still supports him. He was on thin ice prior to this statement. Now he is sunk.

  17. Ruth Ann Wilson

    BALONEY. He just disregards the comments of his constituents. How many times do constituents call and the “aid” says, “I’ll pass your comments on to the Senator.” “High and Lifted up” it is a dangerous state of mind to be in, Senator. Better start paying attention, and those “comments that were supposed to get to you” take heed.
    For God & Country

  18. Jim Forsythe

    Corker betrayed his supporters in Tennessee. It is time for a change.

    1. Randall

      “Cave Man” Corker lost my vote