Bill Hennessy Commentary: ‘Common Knowledge’ Masks the Islamist Element Underpinning ‘Statue Wars’

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You probably believe the narrative. Because that narrative is strong right now. It has become common knowledge. Common knowledge in the formal, game theory sense of the word.

In game theory, common knowledge is something everyone knows everyone knows. And everyone know everyone knows. And everyone knows how everyone else will behave because of that knowledge.

Common knowledge doesn’t have to be true. In a common knowledge game, truth doesn’t matter. All that matters is conformity. Behaving or speaking in opposition to common knowledge does no good. Because the culture will punish you for speaking the truth if the truth counters common knowledge.

People who point out the truth during a common knowledge game get punished. For example, people who ate whole eggs during the cholesterol common knowledge game were punished. People who ate high fat, low carbohydrate diets during the fat-is-bad common knowledge game were punished. Punished by family. Punished by friends. Punished by doctors. Punished by strangers in hotel restaurants.

People who go along with common knowledge games usually suffer in the end. Like people who ate high carbohydrate diets and got fatter and fatter. But those who behaved according to the common knowledge weren’t punished. They were praised. For confirming.

You get the idea. [If you want to know more about common knowledge, read this.]

There’s a common knowledge game at play right now. A common knowledge game built on a lie.

The thing everybody knows everybody knows goes something like this: anti-slavery people want to tear down statues that remind them of Confederacy. Or of slavery. Or of any bad time in history.

That’s the thing everybody knows everybody knows. More accurately, everybody knows everybody will behave as if it were true. Even if no one actually believes it, nobody wants to face the punishment for pointing out that the common knowledge it a lie. Few want to defend statues against living, breathing humans. If you try to defend any statue, you’ll be called a fascist by Jake Tapper and Don Lemon.

Who wants to be called a Nazi?

Donald Trump is being punished for pointing out the lies and hypocrisy from people who want to play the common knowledge game. Last week I pointed out that it takes character to risk your reputation by fighting common knowledge. Some call it foolish to fight common knowledge. I call it character.

Looking at the statue common knowledge game, I see something others don’t. Because I asked some different questions.

  • Why now?
  • Who’s calling the shots?
  • Why did statue removal become an issue now?
  • Has anyone asked?
  • What if sinister forces were behind this statue-removal craze?

Last Monday, Trump asked if we’d have tear down statues of Washington and Jefferson next.

The common knowledge answer: “yes.” Because no one wants to counter the common knowledge game.

If my hunch is right, it won’t stop there. At some point, someone will start negotiating. That’s what happens. People negotiate.

At some point, someone will want to remove statues of even abolitionists and anti-segregationists. Statues of Mother Teresa. Statues of saints. The Gateway Pundit found a Catholic church in California that has removed statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Because of the common knowledge game.

If my hunch is right about who’s behind the anti-statue craze, those statues will come down, too. All of them. Jefferson. Jesus. Washington. Martin Luther King. Rocky Balboa. They’ll all come down.

There is no war on the Confederacy. That was over in 1865.

There is a war on statues, as ridiculous as that sounds. A war on all statues.

The anti-statue warriors aren’t fighting against slavery. They’re fighting against statues. They will push until someone pushes back. Until someone suggests eliminating all statues everywhere. Maybe even statues of dogs and horses.

Why, you are asking, would anyone be anti-statue? Who would want to live in a world devoid of statues?

You think I’ve lost mind.

But I remember reading somewhere that Patton thought it was strange. Strange that statues were prohibited in Islamic countries. Strange that a religion would prohibit statues.

So I looked it up. According to People of Our Everyday Life:

The Quran is Islam’s holy text, and its pages prohibit “makers of figures” from creating statues because of the belief that only Allah can create new beings. Quranic teaching holds that any home with statues inside would never be visited by the angels, and that promotion of idol worship is punishable on the Day of Judgment.

Crazes like the current anti-statue craze don’t come from nothing. They come from something. Someone. Someone pushes these crazes. And it’s probably radical Islamists. Just like ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS just released a new video of destroying statues.

Some people say Islam does not prohibit statues, only the worshipping of statues. But That’s not what the radical Islamists believe. Radical Islamists destroy statues. Radical Islamists destroy statues in Syria and Iraq. And in the United States.

I’m not saying everyone who destroys a statue is a radical Islamist. I’m saying the anti-statue craze is inspired by radical Islamists.

Most people who get behind the craze have no idea the real reason for the craze. They think they’re being anti-slavery. But they’re actually being anti-statue. They’re actually being anti-Western Civilization.

I could be wrong, and I hope I am. Maybe I am wrong. We’ll find out.

We’ll find out when the bargaining begins. When some levelheaded Senator suggests we just destroy all public statues. Destroy all the statues so no one can be offended.


– – –

Bill Hennessy called for the first St. Louis Tea Party on February 21, 2009. He has been active ever since. Bill has written 5 books, the latest, Turning On Trump, is the moving story of his conversion from anti-Trump to staunch Trump supporter. Read more of Bill’s commentary at Hennessy’s View




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3 Thoughts to “Bill Hennessy Commentary: ‘Common Knowledge’ Masks the Islamist Element Underpinning ‘Statue Wars’”

  1. Wolf Woman

    Thanks Bill Hennessy for your knowledge and insight in this article.

    Islamic doctrine, based on the words of Allah and the actions and speech of Mohammed, says that there are no sins but instead that which is permitted (halal) and that which is forbidden (haram). A list of forbidden artistic pursuits are: statues, paintings of people, movies, secular music, concerts and dancing. Permitted arts are calligraphy and architecture

  2. James White

    The destruction of property is nothing new.
    “They intended to root out all religion and ordinary morality, and even to break the bonds of domestic life by destroying the veneration for marriage vows, and by taking education of children out of the hands of the parents.” – Proofs Of A Conspiracy by John Robinson – 1798.

    1. John Wayne

      Remember the Alamo ! I’m sure it’s also on the Left’s list to be razed. To the progressives the Alamo glorifies American exceptionalism and U.S. expansion . We’ll have to defend it all over again.